5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Your Living Area a New Look

It’s no secret that the living area is considered as one of the busiest parts of a home. Aside from moonlighting as an entertainment room, it’s also where we welcome guests and even enjoy our meals. Since it’s often used, it’s a must to have an inviting and functional living area. From keeping it clean […]

5 Ways to Create Multipurpose Areas in a Condo Unit

Condo living used to be daunting, but these days, many homeowners are welcoming the idea with open arms. Families and professionals delight in small spaces that are easier to clean and maintain, more so if the development is conveniently located near CBDs and commercial establishments. To enjoy condo living to the fullest, you need to […]

Why It’s Wise to Be A Good Neighbor

Living in a condominium definitely has its advantages. Not only do you get to spend your days in a beautiful, safe, and secure environment, you also have access to all sorts of amenities, benefit from the professional services of the development’s property managers and engineers, and receive assistance from the in-house concierge. Your investment is […]

10 Things You Need to Do For a Hassle-Free Moving Day

Moving into a new home is a bittersweet milestone that you need to celebrate. As you look forward to starting anew, we’re sure you’re equally pressured to finish your long to-do list to make the big move as smooth sailing as possible. Knowing what to do, how to do it efficiently, and keeping in mind […]

9 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home While You’re on Vacay

You’ve finally scheduled a grand vacay with the spouse and the kids. While planning your itinerary, don’t forget to include arrangements to keep your home safe and secure. The following ideas will not only protect your home against unwanted visitors, they’ll also give you peace of mind while you’re miles away. #1 Resist the temptation […]

7 Ways to Level Up Your Adulting Game

When was the last time you challenged yourself to learn a new skill? Investing in yourself is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Not only does it signal that you are adventurous enough to test your abilities, it also means you are willing to make full use of your potential. With time […]

6 Weekend Destinations Near Quezon City that Kids Will Enjoy

When you’re a parent living in the city, you’re always on the lookout for things to do on the weekends that the whole family—especially the kids—will enjoy. The mall and indoor play areas are accessible and kids seem to like them, but it’s also important to expose them to a variety of places and experiences […]

Keep ‘Em Handy: Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For Every Home

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, the next challenge is how to keep it looking new and spankingly clean. Even new condo owners know to bring a mop and broom with them when they move in. Some may even remember to buy a vacuum cleaner. But there are a few essential cleaning tools that […]

Organize Your Home: The Busy Family’s Guide to Stress-Free Mornings

With kids rushing off to school, parents getting breakfast ready and preparing to go to work, weekday mornings at home can get crazy. What if we told you there are ways to organize your home so you can breeze through the hour or so before you and your family get out the door? Start by […]

What to Look For in Renting an Apartment

When it’s your first time renting an apartment, it can be overwhelming to make a decision and commit to what is typically a year-long lease. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re apartment hunting. Location, location, location. You’ll want an apartment that’s close to your office, especially when you work in […]