How to Commit to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

It’s not difficult to see the effects of wanton consumerism—streets flooding at the slightest hint of rain and rivers filled with all sorts of waste debris. We have not treated our planet tenderly, and now it’s getting back at us. As parents, such a situation is sordidly unfortunate. We hope, after all, to leave the […]

6 Ways to Make your Condo Work for You

Living the high rise lifestyle comes quick and easy after you’ve made that initial investment in your first condo. And while it’s easy to kick your heels up after having made that big leap, it’s also important to figure out how you can maximize your investment. Enjoying your condo’s full potential means uncovering all it […]

Six Bonding Activities for the Whole Family

Are you and the kids stuck in front of your gadgets all day? Rest your weary eyes and stretch your muscles by engaging in activities the whole family will enjoy. Not only will you be able to spend precious bonding time with your kids, you’ll have a blast and maybe even learn something new! 1. […]

Six Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Condo

Summer is almost over and perhaps your child will be starting pre-school soon. Or you have a new baby on the way and you’re very excited to welcome the little one into your arms. As your kids grow and your family expands, a tiny studio apartment in an inconvenient location won’t be enough. The kids […]

5 Gadget-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Family on a Weekend

Connect better when you’re disconnected from technology. How many times have you rolled your eyes upon seeing children and adults constantly tapping away on their smartphones, tablets, and portable video game gadgets? The opportunity to establish meaningful connections in real time is totally lost. Hold your judgement, though, because for sure you’ve been guilty of […]

Go Camping at Home with Your Kids

Wilderness optional Summer is the best time to try new and exciting activities for kids. And if you’re looking for a fun thing to do with your kids that’s low on the budget but high in learning and creativity, why not explore the great indoors and go camping inside your condo – especially one that’s […]

Declutter Your Home (And Your Life) for Charity

Sing it with Elsa, “Let it go! Let it go!” Is your closet about to burst because of clothes that you can only wish to still fit into? Do you find items of exes past crammed in your shelves, gathering dust? Yes, we know it’s hard to let go of things with sentimental value: your […]

10 Home-Cleaning Services for the Metro Manila Condo-Dweller

Need help tidying up your space? These pros have you covered! With your frenetic and fast-pased life in the city, keeping your home clean is probably not as high on your priorities as it should be. And we can’t blame you especially when you live in an exciting residential complex with a central location, lavish […]