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Why It’s Wise to Be A Good Neighbor

Living in a condominium definitely has its advantages. Not only do you get to spend your days in a beautiful, safe, and secure environment, you also have access to all sorts of amenities, benefit from the professional services of the development’s property managers and engineers, and receive assistance from the in-house concierge. Your investment is well worth it as you and your loved ones enjoy a better quality of life.

Being a good homeowner will contribute much to maintaining such a quality of life, and this goes beyond paying your annual dues. Let these reminders be your guide:

#1 Know the rules.

Before you even move in, get thoroughly acquainted with the homeowner association rules and regulations. These have been developed to ensure peace and harmony in the community.
Majority of homeowner association policies revolve around parking, pets, noise, and common areas. Vehicles are typically registered with the association for safety and security reasons. Parking guidelines are clearly stated so as not to impede access to both common and private areas.

The comings and goings of pets are also asked to be monitored. Take note that some common areas may be off-limits to pets. Some associations may also have regulations about plants and planters, and when applicable, lawns and landscaping. Such guidelines are necessary to maintain the design aesthetics of the development. There may be relevant rules pertaining to the use and appearance of balconies as well, specifically on what type of aesthetic treatments are fitting and any restrictions on hanging laundry.


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However, knowledge of the rules is not enough, you would have to commit to them, and follow proper procedures. If you want to use a common area for a get-together, for example, check the guidelines for reservation and use.

#2 Be friendly with the neighbors.

If you just moved in, take the time to know your neighbors. Since you’re going to be sharing the property with them, it’s best to maintain a good and friendly relationship. Though you may not turn out to be the best of friends—although some neighbors have—you could, at the very least, develop a cordial relationship with them. Getting to know them can make it easier for you to resolve minor issues involving noise and pets, so that formal complaints need not be filed.

Remember to practice good elevator etiquette. Since it’s one of the common areas where you get to see and interact with your neighbors, it’s a must to be courteous. Move to the back to allow others to board and stay far from the door if you’re going to the upper floors. When you’re about to exit, do it quickly and make sure you give way to those alighting on the same floor as well.


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More importantly, you and your neighbors can help each other in developing a better community. For example, you can plan community activities with the help of the building administrators. If there are rules and regulations which seem outdated, you can talk to your neighbors about it, and maybe lodge a petition to the association for meaningful change.

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#3 Attend meetings.

One of the best ways to know what’s going in and around your community is by attending homeowner association meetings. Since these meetings don’t happen too frequently anyway, maybe once every few months or so, it is best to be present in them. Not only will you be updated with regards to new laws or rulings, you may also give your two cents about proposed regulations. You are part of the community, and it is important that your voice is heard as well.

#4 Volunteer.

Living in a well-planned development with a variety of amenities provides your family with a pleasant community, but it is up to you to give it heart and soul. You can start by stepping up during community events and volunteering your talent or time for activities.

If you have specific advocacy like zero waste, for example, you can talk to your neighbors about it, and offer them tips on how to get started. By being an active and involved member of the community, you not only develop good relationships with your neighbors, you also set a good example for your family.

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