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10 Things Homeowners Enjoy at Azure Urban Resort Residences

azure lap pool

Amenities play a big role in convincing potential homeowners to settle in a property. Is the pool big enough? Is the gym well-equipped? You need to make sure you’ll be able to make the most of each one and that it complements your lifestyle.

Azure Urban Resort Residences has unique summer fun amenities that make you feel like you’re in a resort. Aside from the first man-made beach in residential development, there are the lagoon and lap pools where you can take a dip after a long day. Are you into sports? There’s a basketball court and a beach volleyball area where you can sweat the stress away. Feel like treating yourself to a spa treatment or a good meal? You can head to the Azure Beach Club for your much-deserved “Me Time.” These features make Azure Urban Resort Residences a top choice not just for staycations, but as a place to live in as well.

If you’re a homeowner, there are days when you’d want to leisurely swim without fighting for pool space or have a go at the treadmill without waiting for your turn. Residents of Azure don’t have to be concerned about such things as they get exclusive access to some of the property’s amenities, allowing them to use each without stumbling into a crowded space.

Here are 10 things only unit owners and residents can exclusively enjoy at Azure Urban Resort Residences:

#1. Unwind at the Game Room.

azure game room

Thinking of challenging your siblings to a friendly game of air hockey? You can do it in the Game Room! Schedule your friendly match with the concierge and have fun playing to your heart’s content.

#2. Watch movies at the Movie Room.

azure movie room

No time to go to the cinema? No problem! Homeowners can book a screening at the Movie Room and spend a Saturday catching up on the latest flicks. Residents are allowed to bring their own light snacks like popcorn, chips, juices, and water.

#3. Bring the kids to the Playroom.

azure children's playground

Planning to bond with the little ones this weekend? The playroom is the perfect place where you can learn and have fun together. Take it as an opportunity to let them interact with your neighbors’ kids, too! Get to know other parents and schedule a playtime on your next free weekend.

#4. Boost your endorphins at the Fitness Center.

azure fitness center

Spend an hour on the treadmill before lifting weights – without worrying about other gym-goers waiting for you to finish your set.

#5. Host a small get-together at the Indoor Restaurant.

azure beach club function room

Homeowners can book the Indoor Restaurant as a venue for a small party as it can accommodate up to 25 guests. For rental rates and how you can reserve it, residents can contact the concierge team for the next steps.

#6. Hold a party at the Function Room

.paris beach club function room

Turning a year older? Why not hold the celebration at the Function Room located at the 3rd floor of the Azure Beach Club? Slightly bigger than the Indoor Restaurant, the Function Room can accommodate 30 persons. Homeowners can get in touch with the concierge for details on how to book it as a venue.

#7. Shoot hoops at the Basketball Court.

azure basketball court

Engage in a friendly match with your neighbors by booking a game at the basketball court. Residents can schedule to use the court from 7AM to 7PM, but it might be best to schedule it on a weekend or before calling it a day as a way of decompressing after work.

#8. Schedule a game at the Beach Volleyball Area.

azure beach volleyball court

Tired of playing basketball? Skip the court and head to the Beach Volleyball Area instead. One game can make you feel like you’re in an actual beach as you get sand between your toes. Make it more exciting by having the losing team treat the winning team to a meal at Azure Beach Club’s restaurant.

#9. Swim laps at the Lap Pool.

azure lap pool

Need to clear your head? Only residents and unit owners have access to the Lap Pool, giving them a chance to swim at their own pace. Diving and jumping into the Lap Pool is not allowed as it’s strictly for lapping.

#10. Relax at the Lagoon Pool.

lagoon pool azure

As an alternative to the Wave and Kiddie Pools, the Lagoon Pool is ideal for weekends when you want to soak up some sun and forget your worries. It’s perfect for a quick exercise or if you simply want to savor some cold refreshments while dipping your toes in the pool.

Aside from getting VIP access to these amenities, residents of Azure can also rely on the concierge for help in accomplishing tasks like scheduling laundry, water delivery, and receiving small parcels.

Discover the Azure lifestyle and have a feel of what it’s like to live in Azure Urban Resort Residences at #AzureSummerEverAfter, an exclusive open house happening on September 14, 2019 (Saturday) from 3PM to 9PM at the 3rd floor of the Azure Beach Club. Register and reserve your slot to the event by clicking on

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