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Centuria Medical Makati is a one‐stop, outpatient medical-IT facility located at the heart of Century City, Makati, Philippines, which will house more than 700 clinics.

As a techno‐medical institution, Centuria Medical Makati aims to provide an efficient clinic environment for doctors and equally, hassle‐free patient‐centered services to all guests. All these, plus a modern carefully designed interior space, contribute to the unique and holistic healing experience within the building.

With more than 170 leading health & wellness brands serving over 300,000 patients, Centuria Medical Makati is the country’s largest and most comprehensive outpatient medical facility. 

As a one-stop center for medical, dental, and wellness services, Centuria Medical Makati puts patients first, strictly implementing disinfection protocols to ensure patient safety. Accredited by 95% of local HMOs and key international insurances, the facility boasts more than 500 expert physicians, dentists, and allied health professionals.

Centuria Medical Makati is appointed with modern, carefully designed interiors. This, in addition to the facility’s professional concierge and top-notch service, provide a hotel-like experience for holistic healing.


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