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Keep ‘Em Handy: Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For Every Home

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, the next challenge is how to keep it looking new and spankingly clean. Even new condo owners know to bring a mop and broom with them when they move in. Some may even remember to buy a vacuum cleaner. But there are a few essential cleaning tools that new homeowners may not know they need until they’re caught off guard without them.


A bucket is a must-have, but few condo owners know how essential one is until a) they have their AC cleaned, b) one of their pipes springs a leak, c) there’s a water shortage, d) the maintenance guy needs one and when he asks them where it is, all they can do is give him a panicked look in reply.

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Baking soda

So. many. uses. You can pop open a box and place it in your refrigerator or pantry, or sprinkle some in the garbage can to neutralize nasty odors. If you mix it with vinegar, you can use the solution to clean hard to remove oil stains from pots and pans. And according to The Spruce, the baking soda + vinegar solution is also effective in removing water stains in your toilet bowl and even unclogging your sink. This versatile combo is a more organic alternative to store-bought chemicals and can be used practically anywhere in the house, from bathrooms, kitchen counters, stove tops, and other household appliances.


You can use old newspaper to catch debris and dust, and protect your furniture or floor from damage when you’re having work or repairs done in your condo. Plus, according to Apartment Therapy, they’re excellent for cleaning windows, too, with the paper and ink working as a light abrasive, leaving you with squeaky clean, streak-free windows.

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You can never have enough rags for cleaning up spills and leaks, countertops, tabletops, and floors. They may not be the most glamorous item in your broom closet, but they’re certainly one of the most useful.

Toilet Brush

Cleaning the bathroom is not the most pleasant house chore, but someone has to do it (hint: it’s you). However, the right tool makes this job a little easier. Make sure you have a toilet brush in your bathroom to scrub the grime and water stains off your toilet bowl. You can buy bathroom items as a set, and this one usually comes with a soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder, so that’s convenient.

Microfiber Cloth

This is the real MVP. According to, and the Chicago Tribune, this all-around cleaning cloth removes 99 percent of germs on its own! It’s highly absorbent, and doesn’t damage surfaces or leave streaks either. Plus, they dry super fast, too.

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Old Toothbrush

Don’t throw that old toothbrush just yet as it’ll come in handy cleaning the tight corners in your bathroom, the grout between tiles, and water stains on your sink fixtures, among others. It’s perfect for getting into those tight spots that big cleaning brushes can’t reach.

Rubber Gloves

Gloves protect your hands from harsh soaps and chemicals, as well as dirt and germs. We recommend you keep two: one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. Make sure you don’t accidentally switch them, because ick! Color code if you must.

Having your own condo in Manila means you get to be independent: Your place, your rules. Having your own place also means that your mess is your responsibility. Now that you’re living on your own, there’s nobody to clean up after you. You can hire someone to come in once a week, but for everyday cleaning, it’s going to be all on you. It’s important then to have the right tools when you move in.

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