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Organize Your Home: The Busy Family’s Guide to Stress-Free Mornings

With kids rushing off to school, parents getting breakfast ready and preparing to go to work, weekday mornings at home can get crazy. What if we told you there are ways to organize your home so you can breeze through the hour or so before you and your family get out the door?

Start by spending one or two weekends reorganizing your home. Take on one room at a time. Downsize and determine which of your belongings you wish to throw, keep, or donate. Once you get rid of things that you no longer use, you don’t have to sift through useless items just to find what you need during mornings or any time of the day, for that matter.

Here’s a room-by-room guide to organizing your home to make your mornings stress-free for everyone in the family:


Control clutter. Have a place for everything: books, magazines, remote controls. Use decorative baskets or ottomans with storage to hide them from plain sight. Set up a charging area and keep cables in order. Use labels, if you must, so you don’t spend precious minutes looking for what you need.

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Create a central station. Think of having a “landing zone” for your kids’ backpacks and school things, and for your mail and important files. Install a magnetic board for school permits that need signing, or bills that need to be paid. Before heading out, each family member can grab everything they need at this station, too.


Use vertical space to hang everyday essentials. Get a clear pocket organizer you can hang on cabinet doors, so your little ones can easily spot their handkerchief, socks, and school IDs.

Designate an area for studying or reading. A clutter-free desk is a must in this part of the bedroom, so kids can use it for writing, reading, or even making school projects. Move bookshelves and drawers close by for easy access to learning materials. Make sure this area is placed far from distractions like the TV.

Organize toys in fun-colored bins. Plastic covered containers work best so you can easily see what’s inside and group similar items together. Use spaces under the bed or table to stash them. Cleanup is also easier when the bins are within reach.

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Assign a toiletry basket for each child. Buy toiletries like shampoo and body wash in bulk and transfer to smaller containers so each child can use his or her own set each morning. Organize them in individual toiletry baskets, properly labeled or color-coded, so your children know where to get what they need.

Use color-coded towels. Work with color assignments: for instance, blue for dad, green for mom, and yellow and pink for the kids. This way, everyone doesn’t have to rummage through several towels in the rack, trying to remember what color their towel is. Hang them in adhesive hooks so you can make use of vertical space in the bathroom.

Keep dirty laundry organized. Do your kids share a bathroom? Have a system for organizing dirty laundry so you don’t end up with clothes strewn across the floor. Small items like underwear can go in a small basket while tops and bottoms can go in a larger basket.


Do as much as you can the night before. Wash the coffeemaker, replace the filter, and add coffee ahead of time. Pre-measure ingredients for pancakes, or put breakfast sandwiches in the freezer. Doing these will save you a few precious minutes in the morning.

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Create a DIY breakfast station. Have cereal, oatmeal, fruits, and other easy-to-prepare food items on hand. Store them in clear, stackable plastic containers on the kitchen counter, so it’s easy for kids to choose what they want, without having to look through several kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Put snacks in a grab-and-go box. Use space on the kitchen counter for pre-packed snacks (pretzels, nuts, crackers) and juice boxes. Kids can just grab what they want and put them in their lunchboxes right before they leave.

Remember what’s important is to create a system based on how your family functions. Consider these suggestions and alter them to suit your lifestyle. From time to time, revisit your morning routine to check if your organizing techniques still apply. Also, parents should remember that it is not their sole duty to keep things in order. Always involve every family member so your home stays organized and your mornings remain stress-free!

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