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5 Movies That Will Inspire Your Home’s Interior Design

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down all the Pinterest boards on your phone for your home’s new design, it might be a good idea to turn to a different kind of screen—the silver screen. These Hollywood movies have beautiful and distinct sets that may just be what you’re looking for to make your home picture perfect.

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1. Crazy Rich Asians

Featuring luxurious homes in culturally diverse Singapore, the 2018 blockbuster is the epitome of opulence. It’s interesting to see how characters with different backgrounds interpret wealth in their homes, from the more-is-more, paint-everything-gold approach of Peik Lin’s family to the sleek, modern style of Astrid’s condo unit. The home that really steals the scene, though, is the Young family’s ancestral mansion. It takes inspiration from the Peranakan style, which is a striking blend of Malaysian, Chinese, English, and Victorian designs. Think family heirlooms, floral and animal ornaments, and intricate William Morris-style wallpaper, with a dash of fresh blooms. You can apply this style to your own home by mixing family heirloom pieces with modern finds, using a William Morris-style print for your carpets or walls, and brightening the space with a color like teal for your furniture, wall, or door.

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2. Call Me By Your Name

This beautiful story about young love will have you dreaming of lazy summers in the Italian countryside. Set in the summer of 1983 in Lombardy, Italy, the story unfolds in the 17th century villa of the Perlman family. The grandness of their villa is balanced by its lived-in feel. Well-worn copper pots and pans dot the walls of the sunny kitchen. Cotton slip-covered couches and armchairs gather near the grand piano, making for a cozy music space. An old dusty rose sofa contrasts the priceless hardbound books in the library-slash-office. Take your cue from the movie and go for homey pieces that tell a story. Paint your walls (or furniture) the refreshing colors of the Italian countryside like pale yellow, light blue, and dusty rose. Think you don’t have a lot of decorative pieces? Put your books, music, and art at the forefront and watch your space come alive.

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3. Grand Budapest Hotel

One of Wes Anderson’s masterpieces, The Grand Budapest Hotel is bursting with home décor inspo. The story, set in the fictional Republic of Zubrowka. takes place in two time periods: during its heyday in the 1930s and after the war in the 1960s. The hotel in the ‘30s is a striking Pepto Bismol pink on the outside. Its inside is gleaming with crystal chandeliers, marble walls, and gold-lined furniture. A set design this intricate literally takes a village, but you can do the Wes Anderson aesthetic on a smaller scale at home. Take the Pepto Bismol pink of the hotel and use it for an accent wall, a bookshelf, or kitchen cabinets. Use Persian rugs, gilded mirrors, and marble countertops for a touch of extravagance. No chandelier? No problem. The Wes Anderson aesthetic is all about symmetry, so you can simply get a matching pair of pendant lamps to go with your pink room or accent wall. The more matching pairs of things you have, the better.

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4. Something’s Gotta Give

From the set design alone, you know that this one’s a Nancy Meyers rom-com. The writer and director behind movies like The Holiday, It’s Complicated, and The Parent Trap brings her signature style to the set design of Something’s Gotta Give. Set in a beach house in the Hamptons, the main character’s home is an oasis of rich creamy walls, down cushion couches, and accent pieces in the colors of the sea. You can apply the movie’s polished, beach-inspired aesthetic to your own home by using similar colors, soft linens, shells and stones as decorative pieces. Pile up the throw pillows, light scented candles, and you’ve got yourself a Nancy Meyers-approved home.

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5. This Means War

In this movie about two spies who fall for the same woman, the bachelor and bachelorette pads of the characters are just as arresting as the next-level action and comedy of the love triangle story. Take your cue from their modern style and deck out your condo with functional furniture and fixtures with flair. Going for clean lines and organizational items gives you more room to showcase your favorite pieces, while making sure that everything is in its place. For Tom Hardy’s character, that means putting his gorgeous motorcycles on display—for you, it can be anything that sparks joy.

Design Inspo

In most of these films, the exteriors inspire the look of the interiors. If you’re looking for a real estate property that will get your creative juices going, Century Spire is a stunning achievement of form, function, and flair. The condo in Manila was designed by  Daniel Libeskind, the visionary designer behind the rebuilding of New York’s Ground Zero, with interiors by Armani/CASA, the iconic Italian design brand. An architectural masterpiece of glass and steel, the condo for sale is the last of five residential properties to rise in Century City, Makati.

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Truly #condogoals, Century Spire is hyper-amenitized with a lobby, pool, bar, relaxation area, and library. The mixed-use development features not just with residential units but office floors with a separate lobby and amenities, as well as retail floors. It is also one of the few PEZA-accredited buildings in the Philippines’ real estate scene.

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For a taste of the Century Properties lifestyle, book a Siglo Suites staycation at The Gramercy Residences, The Knightsbridge Residences, The Milano Residences, Azure Urban Resort Residences, and Acqua Private Residences.

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