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5 TV Series That Will Inspire Your Home’s Interior Design

We’ve explored films as your home interior design inspo —now check out these TV shows with a beautiful design aesthetic that you can recreate in your own condo.

bedroom design inspiration from gossip girl

Gossip Girl

From the luxurious Upper East Side to quirky Brooklyn, there’s plenty of design inspo to be found in this teen TV series. On the Upper East Side, traditional meets modern in the Waldorf residence, showing the personalities of fashion designer Eleanor and her teen daughter, Blair. Crystal chandeliers and cream fireplaces complement upholstered glass chairs and striking red pillars. Blair’s room pays tribute to the women she looks up to: Audrey Hepburn (spot all the Tiffany blue), Marie Antoinette (a huge painting covers one wall), and her mom (the huge closet is a stylish girl’s dream). To distill the Waldorf essence in your condo, focus on the details. Think built-in soft lighting for the vanity table mirror, quality tassels for curtains, extra soft pillows plumped just right—it’s the small things that truly spell Waldorf elegance.

building passion 2 1

Downtown, the Humphrey home captures the Brooklyn aesthetic. Exposed brick walls, authentic vintage furniture, floor-to-ceiling shelves of vinyl records—you name it, they’ve got it. Siblings Dan and Jenny even have a pull-up garage door separating their rooms. To get the Humphrey look, check out vintage garage sales and dig into your grandparents’ haul for pieces that have a ton of personality and history.

kitchen design in monica's apartment from friends


Of all the homes featured on the beloved TV show about six New Yorkers, the most iconic is the apartment unit of Monica and Rachel. The purple walls and mismatched furniture reflect their fun and different personalities, but everything is still kept in order mostly thanks to Monica’s knack for organizing. For a Friends-inspired condo unit, don’t be afraid to mix and match and be creative with what you already have. Notice how the dining chairs changed all the time throughout the 10 seasons of the show? How about the gold frame around the door peephole? It was reportedly a picture frame that broke, so the crew made it a peephole frame instead. You can also borrow ideas from other locations featured on Friends: the orange velvet sofa from coffee shop Central Perk, the foosball table at Joey and Chandler’s, the vintage-looking trunk at Phoebe’s—the possibilities are endless.

building passion 4 1


Beautiful beach houses in the Hamptons serve as the perfect backdrop to all the plotting and backstabbing in this TV drama. Among all the grand homes featured on the show, the Grayson Manor is hands down the most luxurious. Even if you live in a condo, you can easily recreate the look by going for a monochrome palette. Think shades of cream for the walls, cabinets, furniture, curtains, and trimmings. Balance the polished look with inviting elements like plush sofas, fluffed throw pillows, and fresh flowers. Recreate the warm glow from the fireplace using soft lighting and scented candles, and you’ve got yourself a home fit for a Grayson.

building passion 5

Mad Men

Set in the advertising industry of ‘60s New York, this TV drama features immaculately designed sets. One of the swankiest is Don Draper’s penthouse pad, which has the iconic sunken living room. Instead of loud, stereotypical ‘60s elements, their penthouse is outfitted with mid-century furniture and subdued colors and patterns. Take your cue from the Drapers by going for classy, ‘60s-inspired pieces punched up by conversation starters. Go big on the small stuff—think colorful low-hanging lamps, kitschy gold planters, and fire engine red accents.

1 building passion 5


If you’re into minimalist style, let Harvey’s condo in this law drama series be your home inspo. The top lawyer spends most of his time at the office, so his home is his escape: spacious, clean, and clutter-free. Tufted leather sofa and armchairs are the centerpieces of the living area. The walls and counter spaces are bare except for a few paintings and mementos. Combined with the neutral color palette, the use of negative space makes for a home where you can de-stress and hit refresh.

building passion 6

Your Dream Home

The reason why these TV set designs are so memorable even long after the shows have ended is because every inch was immaculately planned and executed, much like The Residences at Commonwealth by Century. Designed by Broadway Malyan, the eight-tower mid-rise real estate property features a “cranked” design that optimizes sunlight and airflow. Each building of the condo follows the incline of the land’s natural terrain, making for a sloping pattern of ascending height. The uniquely shaped and generous balcony spaces overlook the gardens and amenities on one side and the cityscapes on the other.

The hyper-amenitized condo is truly #condogoals. Its amenities include a lap pool, kiddie pool, playground, gardens, water features, yoga deck, basketball court, athletic boot camp, fitness center, creche and kindergarten, screening room, show kitchen, arts and crafts studio, salon, dance studio, and rock and roll studio.

screening room at the residences at commonwealth by century

Located along Don Antonio Drive in Quezon City, the real estate investment is conveniently near top schools, shopping centers, churches, and major thoroughfares. The condo in Manila is a five-minute walk from the Don Antonio Station of the upcoming MRT Line 7, connecting to major business hubs such as Ortigas and Makati.

the residences at commonwealth by century

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Supporting images courtesy of the TV series.


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