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9 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home While You’re on Vacay

You’ve finally scheduled a grand vacay with the spouse and the kids. While planning your itinerary, don’t forget to include arrangements to keep your home safe and secure. The following ideas will not only protect your home against unwanted visitors, they’ll also give you peace of mind while you’re miles away.

#1 Resist the temptation to share vacation plans and photos online. Don’t broadcast your vacation plans on social media. Refrain from posting photos of your plane tickets, boarding passes, passports, and destination while you’re away either; tell your kids to do the same. Because you can never be completely sure about who may get to see your feed, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Share away once you’re safely home.

#2 Ask someone to take care of your lawn. An untended lawn is one of the most obvious signs of a homeowner’s absence. If you have a professional who cares for your lawn and garden, then make arrangements a week or two before your vacation. If you don’t, then perhaps ask the assistance of a helpful neighbor. Be sure to get your neighbor a special gift or souvenir for his trouble before you fly back home.

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#3 Lock everything up! A good number of burglaries happen because homeowners forget to lock their doors. Be extra cautious, check and double-check whether you’ve locked every possible point of entry into your home, including gates and windows. In the same breadth, why not lock up all your valuables as well? Don’t leave jewelry, gadgets, credit cards, and other valuables lying around unattended. Stow them away in inconspicuous places.

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#4 Let there be light. Keeping your residence well-lighted is probably one of the best deterrents against unwanted intruders. Install outdoor security lights around dark or hidden spots. Opt for smart lights which come on as scheduled or motion sensor ones which could surprise the unknowing visitor. You can also use smart lighting inside to create the illusion that somebody’s home.

#5 Check your security system. Be sure your system is up and running. Are the cameras, smoke detectors, and motion sensors working? Do all of your safety and security devices have batteries? This is a simple task that most of us overlook. If you live in a condominium or gated community, inform security staff and building administration of your family’s absence so that they could keep an extra watch on your home.

#6 Unplug. Most household appliances use energy on standby mode. By unplugging, you protect your appliances against electrical surges, which may otherwise cause short circuits and even fires.

#7 Anticipate water issues. Shut off the water main to prevent possible water damage from leaky pipes and faucets left open. Make sure your gutters are clean in the event of unexpected storms.

#8 Don’t forget your pets! If you can’t take your pets, then arrange for boarding services in pet hotels around the city. Boarding rates start at P200 a night, depending on the size and age of your pet. You may also ask a friend or relative to care for your pets while you’re away.

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#9 Ask a friend for help. It would also be nice if you could ask one of your trusted friends to drop by your house from time to time. He can collect any letters or packages in your mailbox. He can monitor possible attempts at entry and do some maintenance checks inside and outside to make sure everything is in order. More importantly, he could address possible problems right away.

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Commonwealth Masterplan

Each building will have round-the-clock maintenance, engineering, and reception personnel to ensure that all your needs are attended to. Parking spaces for vehicles are not only well-planned but well-lit as well. A full-time security force ensures your safety 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Apart from having integrated closed-circuit cameras to monitor the comings and goings in the gated community, it also has fast action medical and security staff on standby to address incidents of urgency.

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