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What to Look For in Renting an Apartment

When it’s your first time renting an apartment, it can be overwhelming to make a decision and commit to what is typically a year-long lease. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re apartment hunting.

  1. Location, location, location. You’ll want an apartment that’s close to your office, especially when you work in Makati or other Central Business Districts where traffic can be an issue. It’s also best to rent a place near groceries, malls, hospitals, and other places that you frequent. Visit or drive by the apartment on different days, times, and weather situations to get a good feel of the place. Schedule a visit or drive-by during your usual time of travel to your workplace so you can check the transportation routes and traffic situation.
  1. The right amount of space. Will you be living alone or will you have flatmates? The goal is to find that sweet spot when it comes to space. It may feel luxurious to have a big apartment, but remember that the more space you have, the more time and money you have to spend on upkeep. If you’ll be living alone, it’s best to rent a studio or one-bedroom condo unit.
  1. Amenities. A place that has its own gym, garden, pool, or other amenities is worth investing in when you consider how much they save you in the long run. This refers to not just money but an even more precious commodity—your time. Renting in a hyper-amenitized condo gives you the opportunity to engage in your passions and hobbies outside work with just a quick elevator ride. You don’t need to travel and pay for a separate gym membership when your rented condo comes with its very own state-of-the-art fitness center.

  1. The look of the place. Design-driven properties are not only a feast for the eyes. The focus on both function and form means that the developer highly values the residents’ needs and lifestyle preferences.
  1. Property Management and Concierge Services . If the building looks well-maintained, that’s a good sign that maintenance won’t be a problem if you decide to move in. Condos with a concierge that offers services such as parcel services, car booking assistance, and amenities reservation also make your stay more convenient and hassle-free. That’s the advantage of living in a property with a reputable property management company.
  1. Utilities and fees. Some contracts cover your association dues and apartment insurance, but it’s always best to check what’s included in your lease. A security deposit, on top of 1 or 2 months rent in advance, is also standard practice, so make sure you have enough cash before moving in.
  1. The neighborhood shops. Check if the shops that you frequent are in the vicinity such as a laundry shop, drinking water station, 24-hour convenience store, coffee shop, dentist, spa, and salon.
  1. Space Planning. Measure your furniture and big appliances beforehand and bring a measuring tape when you go apartment hunting. This will make it easier to check if your things will fit through the door and inside the unit. If the apartment comes fully furnished but you have some things that you’d like to bring, ask if you can make replacements. The last thing you need is precious space occupied by unnecessary doubles.
  1. Tech situation. Make a call and walk around the unit to check the signal reception. Do another round to check your data signal. Then, see which internet service providers cover the area. Ask the concierge or property management office if you need further assistance as they know the property by heart.
  1. Pet-friendliness. Are you bringing your fur baby with you? Some apartment buildings may not allow pets or may have conditions in terms of weight or breed. But for pet-friendly properties, your pet can feel right at home as long as you carefully abide by the house rules.

bare condominium unit

  1. Your own punch list. Turn on the faucet and shower and check the water pressure and temperature. Fill up the sinks and tubs and see how fast they drain. Flush the toilets. If the unit doesn’t have one, ask if you can install a water heater. Turn on all the lights and check inside the cabinets. If your unit comes semi or fully furnished, check if all the appliances work properly. Bring your phone charger or something you can plug into all the sockets to see if they work well. Ask if you’re allowed to mount items on the wall using nails or adhesive tape only. Take photos of chipped handles, small dents, or any minor issues that you can live with but you won’t want to be charged with if you move out in the future. Create a checklist for this and have the landlord sign it.

Looking for residential properties near Makati and other nearby Central Business Districts? Acqua Private Residences is perfect for you, and you can easily choose a unit to rent here through Siglo Suites, the exclusive leasing service and asset management arm of Century Properties which offers both short and long term leasing. Acqua is #condogoals in every way, from its central location in Mandaluyong to its hyper-amenitized features. Its riverfront country club called The Pebble has an expansive gym with TRX, cardio area with views of Makati, lap pool, lagoon pool, jacuzzi, cafe and juice bar, basketball/volleyball court, movie room, and library. And it’s pet-friendly, too.

Acqua’s own retail strip called Riverwalk Promenade will also feature restaurants and shops for the ultimate convenience of its residents. Lawson Convenience Store, Aroma Brew Café & Restaurant, Paddle Laundry Lounge & Restobar, Dentacare, Nuat Thai Premier, Beau Salon De Beaute, and Skin Station are just a few of the shops that are opening soon.

The condo in Manila has a rainforest-inspired theme, and five of the six towers are named after famous waterfalls: Niagara, Sutherland, Dettifoss, Livingstone, and Iguazu. Two towers have interiors by world-renowned brands and have their own rooftop amenity floors: Livingstone (interior design by MISSONIHOME) and Iguazu (interior design by yoo inspired by Starck). The sixth tower, Novotel Suites Manila, is a hybrid hotel and residential development.

You can experience the Acqua lifestyle by renting a unit in this exclusive waterfront development. But if you enjoy it so much, you can also choose to purchase your own Acqua unit with Century Properties’ flexible payment terms and discounts.

Acqua Private Residences front view

Wants vs. Needs

Big apartment Enough space perfect for your needs Remember that the more space you have, the more you have to work on upkeep.
In the CBD Areas near the CBD Living in the CBD may seem glamorous, but consider that areas near the CBD may be more affordable and have less traffic and noise.
Cheap rent Good value for money Invest in an apartment that offers amenities and accessibility that will bring you more savings in the long run.

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