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5 Ways to Create Multipurpose Areas in a Condo Unit

Condo living used to be daunting, but these days, many homeowners are welcoming the idea with open arms. Families and professionals delight in small spaces that are easier to clean and maintain, more so if the development is conveniently located near CBDs and commercial establishments. To enjoy condo living to the fullest, you need to make the most of the space you have.

To get started, you can look up pegs online and save the photos that caught your eye. Collate your saved images and create a mood board you can use as reference in transforming your unit. Your mood board can be your guide in choosing furniture, accessories, and even finishes! When visiting home stores, look for multipurpose items that don’t just go with your theme, but help you maximize space as well. After all, the secret to achieving a comfortable yet functional home lies in your creativity in turning awkward spaces into practical nooks.

From incorporating smart storage to creating hardworking areas that serve more than one purpose, here are ideas that can help you maximize compact corners and empty spaces:

  1. Display or serve? Do both!

Living areas need to be cozy and clutter-free – with enough leg room so you can relax and entertain friends with ease. Aside from having a coffee table in the middle, consider getting a freestanding shelf you can place beside the sofa. It doesn’t take up too much space while serving a ton of purpose. You can use it to hold snacks you’re serving your guests, extra dinnerware, and some of your favorite plants.


If you’re not expecting guests, take your cue from the unit above! Put colorful glasses and bottles on display as these can moonlight as décor pieces. The rest of the tiers can be allotted for potted plants, books, and magazines.

2. Save and create space with built-ins and modular pieces.

bedroom design for condo

Built-in and modular pieces can help you create multipurpose areas. In the photo above, the table not only holds the TV, it allows the homeowner to carve out a work/vanity area as well. Since there’s space underneath, she was able to incorporate a small cabinet for her belongings and a chair as well.

Opting for modular pieces lets you create a flexible area or nook as you can easily move these must-haves so you can transform the space according to your needs. Built-ins, on the other hand, make use of vertical space to free up the floor so you can move around the unit freely and bring in more belongings.

3. Don’t hesitate to create wonder walls.

Got an empty wall? Make the most of it by turning it into a display/storage nook! Wall-mounted shelves can hold your framed photographs, books, and other knickknacks. Not a fan of open shelving? You can install cubby shelves or baskets that can double as décor.

condo design

If you don’t fancy drilling holes into walls, you can work with decorative adhesive hooks which can be used when organizing bags, scarves, belts, and other accessories.

4. Invest in transforming furniture.

Gone are the days when homeowners used to worry about bulky pieces of furniture. These days, home essentials don’t just come in compact sizes, some even transform according to your needs. There are beds that transform into shelves and working desks as well as tables that you can just fold away when not in use.


The photo above shows a slim shelf that can be used to display books and other items. On days when the owner needs to work or put makeup on, she can simply prop up the table to get the job done. Most pieces are customized (you can talk to your trusted carpenter or handyman to see if he can execute the design for you!), but there are also home stores that carry these space-saving must-haves. Get started by visiting home depots in Ortigas and Makati to see options you can consider.

5. Pick movable furniture.

Small spaces can be flexible too – you just need to have the right pieces of furniture. A daybed comes in handy when you want to create a living area that can be used at daytime and a bedroom come nighttime. The trick is to have enough pillows and a throw to spruce it up.

Do you have a balcony? It’s one of the most flexible areas in a home as it can serve as an extension of the living and dining areas.

the residences at commonwealth by century unit balcony

To turn it into a dining space, you can pick furniture pieces that can be easily moved when needed like a chair, a nesting table, and a bar cart with wheels. These can be stationed at the balcony whenever you feel like dining al fresco. Expecting guests? You can transfer it to the dining area without a hitch. If you’re a plant lover, a balcony can also be turned into a mini garden where you can showcase and care for your favorite houseplants.

Century Properties has spacious units with roomy balconies that let you create the home you’ve always wanted. Each unit also has generous windows that let in plenty of natural light adding to the relaxed and airy feel that welcomes you at the end of a long day.

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