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Policy And Data Relating To Health, Safety And Welfare Of Employees

As the company values employee health and general well-being, employees enjoy a broad range of benefits and allowances on top of government-mandated benefits. These include HMO and life insurance, plus other above-industry standard benefits such as transportation and communication allowances, bonuses, and other incentives.

Training Program Department In Charge for Training Attendees
Job Orientation and On-boarding Seminar Human Resources All newly-hired employees
Code of Conduct and Ethics and updates Human Resources / Legal All Employees
Project Awareness Seminar Human Resources All sales and documentations employees
Sales Documentation Legal All sales and documentations employees
Titling Process Seminar Title Management Group All sales and documentations employees
Data Privacy Laws Compliance All Employees
Corporate Governance Training Service Providers – Annually All Directors and Senior Officers

The company’s compensation policy is based on the firm’s profitability. For rewards and adjustments in compensation, the company implements  KPI’s KRA’s to facilitate the rate of adjustments based on performance

Our Company requires that we comfort ourselves in accordance with a high standard corporate conduct appropriate to our Company’s standing in the corporate community.

It is the policy of the Company to promote discipline in the organization by taking corrective action as may be needed for the protection of all employees and clients, Company’s properties and interests.

These rules were prepared to ensure fair and consistent treatment and constructive actions any employee who has made a mistake.


  1. To instill awareness on proper behavior, attitude, and conduct as employees of Century Properties Group, Inc.
  2. To serve as guidelines in handling disciplinary cases to ensure fair, consistent, and uniform imposition of disciplinary actions.


  1. Procedures

1.1    The Manager is responsible for reporting to HRD any offenses committed by th employee. No employee shall be excused from appropriate actions or penalties contained herein, on the reason of ignorance of the rules and regulations stated in this Code, as well as any revisions in the future.

1.2    Upon receipt of the report, HRD shall issue a memorandum indicating the nature of the charge to the employee concerned. The employee shall explain his side or defend himself in writing within 72 hours.  Failure or refusal of the employee to comply within 72 hours shall be deemed as a waiver of his right to present evidence on his behalf.  The company may then proceed to take on appropriate action/s without such employee’s evidence.

1.3    Upon receipt of the employee’s explanation, the HR Administrative & Discipline Committee shall conduct an impartial and thorough investigation.  The HR Administrative & Discipline Committee shall be composed of representatives from HRD, Audit, Legal, Department Head/Manager, the employee’s immediate superior.  The HRD Head or his designate shall act as Chairperson of the Committee.  For cases involving property and security, there shall be additional members representing Finance and Security.

1.4    A hearing of the case shall be scheduled within reasonable time from issuance of the memorandum.

1.5    During the hearing, the erring employee shall be given ample opportunity to answer the allegations against him, to confront any or all the witness, and to present evidence that may strengthen his explanations.  The employee may avail of the assistance of any representative of his choice to defend him, if he so desires.

1.6    The HR Administrative & Discipline Committee shall document the proceedings and the document shall form part of the record case.  After having ascertained all relevant facts of the case and evaluated the evidences presented, the Committee will submit its report to Management within 7 working days after conclusion of the investigation for final resolution.

1.7    All cases involving pilferage of Company property or gross dishonesty or misuse of office/position or other criminal offenses shall be under the jurisdiction of the HR Head or his designate in close coordination with Security and the erring employee’s Head. The employee concerned shall be placed under preventive suspension immediately if warranted by the circumstances and if his continuous presence poses a serious and imminent threat to the life  or property of the company or his co-employees.

1.7.1 Preventive suspension shall be for 30-day but not more than 120 working days depending on the gravity of the offense.

1.7.2 Upon service of the preventive suspension or suspension notices, the employee shall turn-over all tools and equipment to his immediate superior.  The employee shall prepare himself an inventory of items turned over and duly confirmed by his immediate superior and the HR Head or his designate.

1.8    Suspended employees shall be prohibited from entering the Company premises during the period of suspension.  In case of important/emergency matters which the employee has to attend to inside the Company premises, a prior clearance must be secured from the HR Head or his designate concerned.  Management reserves its rights to provide a Security escort, if necessary.

1.10All documents/records pertaining to the case shall be included in the 201 file of the employee.

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