Board Committees


Number of Members, Functions and Responsibilities

Committee No. of Members Committee Charter Functions Key Responsibilities Power
Executive Director


Non-executive Director (NED)

Independent Director


Executive 6 0  






Develop a transparent business and organizational management system

Oversees the implementation of policies and corporate matters Perform oversight management functions and decisions d for board Management of overall system of operation for CPGI and subsidiaries
Audit 2 0 2 Develop a transparent financial management system Check all financial reports against its compliance; monitors external audit Performs oversight financial management functions Pre-approve all audit plans and scope of work

Remuneration and Compensation

2 1  






Determine personnel that can act as guides to the company’s future undertakings. Pre-screen and shortlist candidates Define role duties and responsibilities Decide if candidates possess the right qualifications
Compensate competent personnel adequately for retention Establish procedures to develop policy on executive remuneration Provide oversight over remuneration of senior management and other key personnel Designate amount of remuneration to attract and retain the right individuals

Risk Management

3 0  





Safeguard the company from potentional and adherent risks Establish procedures to safeguard management from exposed risks and prevention of potential risks Provides oversight on risk management To implement procedures and resolutions for addressing risks
Related Party Transactions Committee 2 0  




Ensure that every Related Party Transaction is conducted in a manner that will protect the Company and its stakeholders from conflict of interest which may arise between the Company and its Related Parties;


Ensure that every Related Party Transaction is at arms’s length, the terms are fair, and they will inure to the best interest of the Company, its stakeholders, subsidiaries and affiliates Proper review, evaluation, approval, ratification, disclosure and implementation of transactions between the Company and any of its Related Party/ies as required in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements


Review, evaluate and approve Related Party Transaction pursuant to the Policies and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements