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How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Quarantine


It’s been a month since the quarantine started, and by now, most of us have established a routine. From working from home and cooking healthy meals, to discovering new hobbies and learning something new – we strive to make the most of each day. Aside from enriching the mind, you might be thinking of ways to stay physically active, too. How is this possible if gyms are closed, you can’t go outside, and you don’t have the right equipment at home?

Fortunately, you can still keep fit within the comforts of home with just a few essentials. If you live in a condo, you would need a yoga mat, active wear, an Internet connection, and a dedicated space where you can move around freely. Keep within your fitness routine with these handy tips:


Establish a daily exercise regimen

We feel you – the call of the couch and access to movies and series sound more enticing than an hour of exercise. Set your mind that you need to spend an hour or 30 minutes exercising to avoid living a sedentary lifestyle.

Get started by doing proper stretching to avoid injuries. Couple this with proper breathing and body posture to make sure you won’t strain your muscles. Begin by bending your head slowly – forward, backward, and sideward. After this, rotate your shoulders and bend your body forward, backward, and sideward. Once you’re done with these, you can do leg stretching and lunges. Do each for 20 counts and remember to do so slowly. Learn to listen to your body and avoid sudden movements. Once you’re done stretching, you can do simple calisthenics, sit-ups, push-ups, and planking to work your core.

To guide you into doing proper stretching, you can visit for tips.


Look up and follow fitness gurus on Instagram and Youtube

These days, many fitness gurus and coaches are maximizing digital platforms to share their expertise. Many are uploading easy tutorials you can do in your condo. To inspire you to get started, you can follow Coaches Toni and Jim Saret, Liv Lo Golding, and Emi Wong.

Practicing Yoga and Pilates at home are also good, if you know the basics already. Gurus like Sara Black (who’s more known as a photographer) and Pilates coach Aileen Abuel are some of those you can message on IG if you’re interested to have a one-on-one session. Before following any workout, remember to choose a routine that you can easily follow to avoid straining your muscles.


Do your household chores as a way of staying fit

Household chores – may it be washing dishes, sweeping, and mopping floors – aren’t just therapeutic, these can be treated as exercises, too. Try setting a schedule for each chore so it is not overwhelming to take on. For example, today, you can do a thorough cleaning of your balcony, or it can be the bathroom. The bending, the brushing, and the wiping can leave you sweating profusely, like you’ve been running on a treadmill. Make it more fun by playing your favorite songs.


The next day, you can deal with the kitchen, or your closet. Just make sure you will really commit to doing these chores and treat it as a form of exercise, and yes, as a way of de-stressing, too.

Dance, dance, dance

Put your favorite music on and sway those hips! Here’s your chance to try Zumba or simply dance as if nobody’s watching. Prepare a playlist that would last for 30 minutes and let it go. Dance the stress away and burn those calories!


Eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids, and get enough sleep

You can’t be doing all these exercises and not supplement it with healthy food and sufficient sleep. Health experts always recommend that you try to eat balanced diet, drink at least eight glasses of water, and get enough sleep for seven to eight hours. Your body will thank you because with the right rest and sustenance, it will be able to build more muscles, making you stronger to take on a more rigorous exercise routine. The bonus? You’ll feel better inside, too!


Catch Vitamin D from your balcony

If there’s a chance for you to soak up some healthy dose of Vitamin D every morning, do so. Opening a window or stepping out of your balconycan give you the sunshine you need, while letting you breathe in cleaner air. If these aren’t available to you, you can get some of your body’s needs from vitamins and supplements. Make sure you consult with a doctor before taking any new supplements – especially if you are taking other medications.

Remember, in these challenging times, you don’t have to rely on gym equipment or leaving the house to get the exercise you need. You can exercise even in the bedroom, living room, or balcony – all it takes is commitment and the willingness to do it.



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