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6 Things You Can Learn Within the Comforts of Home


Experts suggest that we need to prioritize our overall health and wellness – especially now that we are under home quarantine. As we continue to practice proper hygiene, social and physical distancing, eating a balanced diet, and exercising to cope with the pandemic, we shouldn’t forget our mental health.

Make good use of your free time in your home or condo by taking up a new hobby and learning new skills that may come in handy for work. Here are some ideas:


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There are free online cooking classes you can join, one of which is available when you log on to If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook and a few kitchen basics, this is perfect for you. The class author, Jessy Ratflink is an avowed embroidery artist, sewist, and cook. She published Instructable about 10 years ago and it now has over 500 instructables. In her online class, she’ll show you the basics before teaching different cooking techniques. Nearly every recipe in her class is from her own collection so it’s been tried and tested.  Visit her website to sign up, and follow her on Instagram @makingjiggy to see her works.

Basic sign language

Imagine being able to communicate well to different-abled individuals for once in your life. Learning basic sign language is perhaps one of the best skills you can acquire, and if you have the time, the Internet can point you where you could start. Sign Language 101, for example teaches you the basics complete with videos. Click here to know more.

Alternatively, you can also learn a new language. Get started by watching a few foreign films and familiarizing yourself with languages like French, Spanish, and Korean! A quick search on Netflix will give you a ton of films to watch – like a crash course on a new language you can understand and speak fluently.

Basic first aid

Another important skill set to learn, in fact, whether we are under enhanced community quarantine or not, is basic-life saving or first aid techniques. You wouldn’t know when you’re going to need this or when someone you love would need help. Think of it as a gift you can give  to another soul. Not everybody will get to experience it, but saving someone’s life makes yours truly worth living.

If you ever find yourself wanting to learn the basic life saving techniques, you can visit this website: to enroll.

You can be certified once you have mastered the basics such as the proper way to do Cardiopulmonary resuscitations (CPR), the Heimlich Maneuver, which is performed to clear the passage way when someone is choking, the use of Automatic External Defibrillator, which can provide life-saving intervention if an individual is experiencing cardiac arrest, recognizing the signs and symptoms of heart attack and what to do in case, and recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

Business writing

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If you work in the corporate world or are engaged in any form of business, business writing skills can be a plus when crafting e-mail correspondences and business letters. In some cases, it can land you your dream job or it can take away your chance to win a good client or business partner. Whatever your purpose, coupled with hard work, diligence and perseverance, acquiring this skill will help you climb the proverbial corporate ladder or navigate your away around in different scenarios. The Instructional Solutions website will show you the top business writing courses to choose from. Depending on your free time, you can allot an hour or two every other day. If you have freer schedule, you can even do it every day.

Home improvement

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Arguably, learning home improvement techniques can be quite therapeutic to some who are into home and design. Some resort to pinning boards on Pinterest during their free time, thinking that someday they’ll find the time to finally do a home improvement project. Well, you could say, now can be the perfect time to do it, if you have the tools, the materials and the enthusiasm to do the job.

If you have no idea where to start, check the DIY Network website first to see what you can do with what you have. It can be a simple DIY home décor or furnishing, a simple divider, or even rearranging the furniture pieces you have at home. Minor upgrades or a mini makeover can instantly brighten up your space and give it an uplifting vibe.


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Did you know that you can join music lessons facilitated by local musicians? If you’ve always wanted to improve your singing skills or perhaps learn to play a musical instrument, here’s your chance.

Now is a good time to learn how to play the saxophone or drums, take up music, piano, or guitar lessons and even learn how to do film scoring. Not only will you learn a new skill or improve what you already know, but you will also help your local musicians who are suddenly out of work when the enhanced community quarantine was announced. Be guided by this list:


For guitar lessons – Junji Lerma | Click here to send a message
For saxophone – Michael Mark Guevarra | Click here to send a message
For saxophone – Nicky Tejedor | Click here to send a message
For drums – Arwin Nava | Click here to send a message
For film scoring – Francis de Veyra | Click here to send a message
For piano – Niki Cabardo | Click here to send a message


It’s best to send a message on Facebook to inquire about available slots and schedules.

As we cope with this global health crisis, we shouldn’t forget to care for our well-being and better ourselves. A new skill is always welcome as we’ll never know when it will come in handy.



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