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Homeowners share why the balcony is a blessing this quarantine

Photo 1: Spacious balconies at The Residences at Commonwealth in Quezon City gives you the open space you need within the comforts of home

As the year draws to a close, we can’t help but look back on the year that was and look forward to the fresh start a new year brings. It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced the ups and downs of living under quarantine. Passing the time meant being resourceful and looking into activities that keep us preoccupied yet inspired. From setting up workspaces and workout nooks, to decluttering the house and discovering new hobbies – we’ve come to realize that we can do so many things within the four walls of our spaces, sometimes even more.

The key to doing all these comes down to being resourceful and making use of the space you have. Leaving the home is out of the equation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step out to do the things you love. Having a balcony at your disposal proved to be a game-changer these past few months, all the more if you have a spacious one you can transform according to your needs.

The idea of maximizing the balcony prompted Century Properties to come up with the Better Balcony campaign, an online activity that encouraged homeowners to share how they’re making use of their balconies during quarantine. The idea was inspired by the spacious balconies of The Residences at Commonwealth by Century in Quezon City, which offers convenience, serenity, and the space you need in the city with its strategic location near a shopping mall and the Don Antonio Station of the soon-to-be-completed MRT-7.

Also inspired by how Century Properties homeowner Pia Wurtzbach personalized her own balcony, many shared snapshots of their own outdoor nooks, each tailor-made to the owner’s lifestyle. The top three participants received special gifts from Pia and Century Properties.

Without a doubt, the quarantine has brought out our creativity and resourcefulness. Staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring – it’s up to you to make each nook functional and inviting. Just like Pia and these homeowners, you too can have a #BetterBalcony for a #BetterNormal.

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IG User muffriah
Even kids can make the most of the balcony! Instagram user @muffriah shared that the balcony is their new favorite place where they can enjoy cups of coffee, reading time, happy hour, and more. To make it perfect for bonding time, she spruced up the space with faux turf, pillows, cushions, a table, and chairs.

Photo 2

IG User urhoneyness
What better way to complement the dazzling city lights than with your own set of twinkling lights? Instagram user @urhoneyness created a chill hangout spot decorated with string lights and potted plants. A trivia she shared? The balcony used to be a storage space for her little one’s things. She repurposed these essentials to create a cozy outdoor spot!

Photo 3

IG User wvvalencia
Instagram user wvvalencia used to go to the mall to unwind, but when the quarantine started, the balcony became her own personal leisure spot. From using it as a storage area, the balcony is now an inviting spot filled with plants in different sizes and planters. She also completed the look with a lounge chair! We can only imagine how relaxing it is to read a book or enjoy some refreshments in this quaint spot.

Photo 4

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