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Are You Experiencing Work-From-Home Burnout?

The first few weeks of the work-from-home setup came as a relief to many employees. Staying safe indoors and avoiding the heavy traffic were indeed welcome breaks. As we approach the seven-month mark of working from home, many have adjusted to the better normal by establishing new routines and carving out cozy yet functional workspaces within their homes.

However, juggling chores and work tasks can be exhausting. Are there days when you don’t feel like checking in at work? You are not alone. Even if we’re staying at home, it’s still possible to experience burnout.

Take note of these signs:

  • You delay checking-in and you’d rather procrastinate
  • You find it difficult to focus on tasks
  • You feel exhausted
  • You find it difficult to unplug – to the point you’re still responding to emails late into the night
  • You’re not happy with your output

Don’t be afraid to take time off.

If you need a break to recharge your batteries and revive your enthusiasm for what you do, allow yourself to take a day off. Unplug for the entire day and don’t check your phone for notifications – you deserve it.

Set your work hours.

Work as if you’re reporting to the office. Establish reasonable working hours and know when to call it a day.

Find an activity to do outside work.

Whether it’s baking, reading, or tending to your garden – a hobby can take your mind off things and help you decompress. While doing these things, you may even find inspiration for work, too.

Take quick breaks in between tasks.

Stepping outside to soak up some sun to rest your eyes and stretch your legs can help you fight exhaustion. Having a balcony where you can enjoy a quick cup of coffee or a call with a friend can help freshen up your mind so you can take on the rest of the day.

Don’t feel bad if you need to call time-out on work. Having a well-rested mind enables you to perform better and think clearly. Find spots within your home where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s a plus if you have a spacious balcony at your disposal or open spaces where you can take a break.


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