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What Makes Commonwealth by Century So Uncommon?

aerial shot of the residences at commonwealth by century

Look up and marvel at the towering skyscrapers in Metro Manila. These days, most condominiums seem to come from the same mold – properties with multiple towers, amenities like a gym and a pool, and units with balconies – you get the same thing, only in a different location. Lucky for potential homeowners, there are property developers who go the extra mile to make condo living a worthy investment.

Century Properties is a leading Philippine real estate developer dedicated to creating not just typical living spaces, but calming sanctuaries for those who dwell in them. The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is the developer’s latest residential landmark in Commonwealth, Quezon City that aims to set the bar high when it comes to living in the area. You might be wondering, what sets it apart from the rest? Here are reasons why it’s uncommon:

You don’t just get a building, you get smart architecture

A building’s façade can make you look up and imagine what it’s like to live on the top floor. At The Residences at Commonwealth, instead of choosing between run-of-the-mill towers, the eight multi-level towers have a cranked design that allows residents to make the most of natural light and ventilation.

the residences at commonwealth by century

From afar, the towers of The Residences at Commonwealth look extraordinary, too. The undulating façade takes inspiration from the land’s natural topographical lines, creating spacious balconies where you can take in the view of the amenities and gardens or the arresting city skyline.

You don’t just get a garden, you get lush open spaces

Unlike the boxed-in feel of many condominiums, Commonwealth by Century offers a breath of fresh air as residents can unwind at The Great Lawn, an open space that mirrors Quezon City’s laid-back vibe. At Commonwealth by Century, you don’t just get a spot of green – you get pockets of peace in every turn. Aside from the towering trees that complement the towers, there’s a yoga deck where you can rest and meditate as well as serene gardens where you can spend some quiet time. Soon-to-be-available water features are set to add to the relaxed atmosphere as well.

aerial shot of the residences at commonwealth by century

Dreaming of having your own garden? The balcony is spacious enough to accommodate your favorite plants – create your own personal green corner with your favorite houseplants. Complete the look by setting up a cozy sitting area. You can also care for a few herbs that can make your favorite meals more flavorful!

condo unit balcony at the residences at commonwealth by century

Meanwhile, kids can also have a taste of the great outdoors and experience the benefits of the property’s openness at the playground and basketball court. These amenities prove that you don’t have to spend every waking hour in your unit – you can go out and take in the beauty of nature without leaving the property.

You don’t just get the usual amenities, you get an uncommon clubhouse and more

When you need to decompress after a tiring day, perhaps you’d want to break a sweat or take a quick dip to clear your mind. You won’t be looking forward to these activities if you’ll end up waiting for your turn in a packed gym or an ordinary swimming pool.

clubhouse at the residences at commonwealth by century

Understanding the needs of every homeowner, The Residences at Commonwealth by Century has amenities designed to suit different pursuits and passions. There’s a basketball court and an athletic boot camp where you can engage in different activities that can boost your endorphins. A lap pool and a kiddie pool will soon be available as well. The fun doesn’t stop there! If you’re the type who wants to learn something new, the unique clubhouse is the place to be! Whether you’re into fitness, music, arts, and cooking – there’s a perfect place where you can indulge in your passions.

Creche And Kindergarten at the residences at commonwealth by century

The Crèche & Kindergarten is the perfect hangout for your kids.

Gym and Dance Studio at the residences at commonwealth by century

Dance and sweat the stress away at the Gym & Dance Studio.

Show Kitchen at The Residences at Commonwealth by Century

Learning a new recipe? Put it to the test at the Show Kitchen.


The clubhouse is home to a Crèche and Kindergarten, a whimsical place for the little ones; an Arts and Crafts Studio where you can work on your special projects; a Show Kitchen where you can whip up mouthwatering recipes; a Movie Room where you can catch up on your favorite flicks; and a Rock & Roll Studio where you practice your chosen instrument.

You don’t just get a lobby, you get interior inspiration as well

One of the first things you’ll notice upon entering a building or property is the lobby. Most condominiums have a counter where you can inquire and a simple lounge area where visitors can rest and wait. At Commonwealth by Century, well-thought-out corners complete the overall look. From the scent and furniture to the décor and lighting pieces – you’ll feel inspired to transform your own space because of how interior designer Chat Fores designed the common areas.


The Lobby at the Residences at Commonwealth by Century

The lobby of the towers can be used as a peg if you’re thinking about redecorating the living area. Do you love fancy chandeliers and captivating lights? The clubhouse has pieces you’ll love and wall art ideas that can motivate you to give your own a makeover.

You don’t just get CCTV cameras, you get round-the-clock security

Once you’ve locked the door and prepared the bed, you can sleep soundly at night knowing you’re safe and the property is secure. Commonwealth by Century features top-notch security to give you peace of mind – whether you’re out for the day or you have a trip. Putting the residents’ safety in mind, the property has a 24/365 full-time security force, integrated closed-circuit cameras, and a reliable medical and security staff who are on call day and night. You can rest easy knowing that your needs are prioritized.

Located along Don Antonio Drive, Brgy. Batasan Hills, Quezon City, The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is a spacious, secure, and signature mid-rise condo for the entire family. To learn more about condos for sale and other real estate properties by Century Properties, call (+63) 917 555 5274 or email


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