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The Time and Tide is all yours

Unless you live at Azure North with its fabulous man-made beach and crystal waters. Then time and tide is all yours.

Think about the benefits of having your own beach:

  • Sunbathe on sand. Yes, real sand.
    Some clubhouses have pools. Azure North has a beach. It’s incredibly alluring as you can imagine. And yes, it features real sand. Not smooth concrete painted to look like the beach – actual powdery sand that you can recline on and feel sift through your fingers. If you’re going to sunbathe in the middle of the city, do it in style. Spread your towel on wavy sand, feel the sun bearing down on your back, and listen to the gentle waters lapping in the background.
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Beach Pool and Bar
  • Impress your friends.
    Let’s face it, a condo next to a man-made beach? That’s how you get your friends together. They’ll love coming over to visit! All you have to announce is, “Party time!”, have your buddies bring the drinks and food, and your weekend is set, without breaking a sweat.
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Wave Pool
  • Tropical fun is just a moment away.
    Living in the tropics is a dream. But even in the Philippines, the urban sprawl can overshadow much of our country’s natural beauty. By carving out a tropical themed space in the middle of the city, with its own man-made beach, leafy trees and azure waters, we’ve created a tropical destination you can easily get to. The dream at your doorstep.
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Could your next home be at Azure North in San Fernando, Pampanga? You’re only one click away from finding out more:

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