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9 Tropical-Inspired Decorating Tips from an Award-Winning Interior Designer

How are you handling the rising temperature these days? With days becoming warmer, it’s a given for our cooling essentials to work extra harder. While some are escaping to the beach or cooler places to deal with the heat, there are those who are planning to give their spaces a new look to match the season.

From bringing in more plants to sprucing up corners with brighter shades, there are different ways you can channel summer into your home and keep it comfy at the same time. Sought-after interior designer Chat Fores, who has worked on numerous projects with Century Properties, has tips on how you can showcase not just the sunny season in your abode but how you can turn it into a modern tropical-inspired haven as well.

“There are nice additions you can look into so you can bring the outdoors into your home. The heat is also in the mind. Listening to cool music and adding nice scents can add to the sense of ‘coolness’ especially when you put things together in a room,” the designer shares.

Ready to channel the heat into your interiors? Achieve your own personal oasis with these must-dos from IDr. Chat:

Declutter and organize.

Visual clutter can make a space feel more cramped and uninviting. Before you begin decorating or bringing in new pieces to spruce up your home, make sure you have space for it. Getting rid of things you no longer use nor need can open up your home and lighten the ambiance so you can achieve that airy vibe.

Play with wallpaper.

Printed wallpaper, especially those that showcase nature-inspired prints and designs, can help you set the tone of your tropical-inspired makeover. You can check out your options online or you can schedule a visit to your home store of choice to see the prints yourself.

Maximize your ceiling.

“You can play with your ceiling by painting it with pastel stripes to add some tropical flair,” says the interior designer. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal stripes, this pattern can help create an illusion of a bigger or wider space. Make sure your chosen paint color complements the furniture, décor, and wallpaper so you can achieve a cohesive look.

Prioritize lighting.

Proper lighting contributes to the overall appeal of your home. In addition to hanging a beautiful droplight, you can also plan your lighting choices. As IDr. Chat explains, “you can let natural light stream into the space so you don’t have to turn on your artificial lights. Remember, a lot of UVs can be too harsh and too hot. It also helps if you clean your bulbs so you have better light.”

If your condo unit has big windows, make sure you maximize it. Let natural light into your home during daytime and open it to allow air to circulate.

Consider your textures.

Add accent rugs and look into the fabrics you use. According to the interior designer, abaca, rattan, and other natural materials can soften up the look of the home. 

Don’t forget the scent.

IDr. Chat highlights the importance of playing with the senses to achieve a tropical-inspired home. Complement your chosen décor and textures with a calming scent that can soothe your senses. Pine, citrus, and lavender scents are just some you can consider.

Decorate with your plants. 

The interior designer recommends bringing in hanging Peruvian ferns and big Monsterra plants to liven up a space. Pairing your chosen plants with equally gorgeous planters is a guaranteed way of bringing a piece of nature into your home. You can also look into starting a mini herb garden in your balcony or kitchen as these wonders can work as décor while helping you whip up flavorful meals.

Pick your colors wisely.

IDr. Chat recommends incorporating or working with touches of cream, soft powder pink, powder blues, light purple, and light green to bring lightness into a room. You can consider these colors when choosing soft furnishings and pillow covers to get started. Keep in mind to pick a palette that works with the rest of your interiors.

Carve out nooks that scream summer and having fun.

How about having a mobile bar where you can mix tropical cocktails? You can also create a music corner where you can listen to your summer jams and chosen calming music. 

Having your own home gives you the freedom to transform it not just according to season, but according to your needs. It helps if you live in a condo unit that’s turned over with premium finishes so that working on makeovers and simple revamps can be easier.

You know what’s better? Living in a property where you’ll feel like you’re on vacation 24/7. A man-made beach, a wave pool, and a view of Mt. Arayat will surely complement the summer/tropical-inspired renovation you have in mind. A unit at The Resort Residences at Azure North will give you just that – a piece of ocean-inspired paradise you can call your own in a convenient location in San Fernando, Pampanga.

From the moment you enter the property to the second you step inside the unit, you will feel safe, refreshed, and ready to bask in a beachside holiday. Want to feel like it’s summer all-year-long? Learn more about The Resort Residences at Azure North when you visit  



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