The Philippines is famed for its beautiful beaches and perpetually happy people. But perhaps its biggest draw is the climate – sunny and invigorating, which probably explains why everyone there is so nice!

It’s true, climate and temperature can have a big impact on your health, wellbeing, and disposition. And while there are many reasons one could move from a cold country to the Philippines (e.g. beaches, nice people, rich culture etc) the health benefits of living in its warm climate are a definite advantage.

Health and Wellness

Sunny weather entices people to spend more time outside. Being out in the sun boosts your body’s vitamin D levels, which is vital to your health. It is known to aid in heart, lungs and bone health, activate your metabolism, lowers blood pressure and risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and autoimmune disease, have positive effects on the symptoms of arthritis, and can prevent cancer. As little as 15 minutes of exposure to the sun’s rays is enough time for your body to synthesize Vitamin D.

The warm temperature is also better for your skin, as your blood vessels aren’t constricted like they would be in the cold. Better blood flow equals better complexion. Humidity also helps with keeping the skin moist, giving it a nice glow. Of course, don’t forget to put on sunscreen before heading out, because too much sun is not a good idea. It seems unlikely, but there’s research that indicate that the best time to get vitamin D from the sun is around noon, for 10-15 minutes. If that seems too much, especially for those with pale complexion, you can still enjoy the sun’s rays (although with less vitamin D production) early in the morning and right before the sunset, called the golden hour (best time to take selfies too!)

Getting your daily dose of sunshine is good for your mental wellbeing as well, as warm air elevates your mood, keeps you alert, and improves your memory. Sunlight causes more serotonin (happy hormones) and endorphins (hormones that fight pain and stress), to be produced in your body. Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, also called winter blues), which causes depression, during dark and cold months. Being in a warm, sunny climate improves symptoms.

Increased Physical Activity

physicalIt’s hard enough to be motivated to exercise, but it gets even harder when it’s cold outside. And while working out in a gym is great, sometimes a change of scenery is necessary to mix things up. A nice, sunshiny day could inspire you to head out and get active. In a place that’s warm and sunny most of the year, it’s easier and more enticing to spend quality time outdoors. Regular exercise will not only get you in better physical shape, but it will also boost your mood, and you get extra doses of serotonin and endorphins from being out in the sun. It’s also easier to work up a sweat, which is good for detoxifying your system.

It’s beneficial for everyone, especially senior people and children, to spend time in nature and get some fresh air; and temperate climates are more conducive to exploring outside. There is a range of things for you to do and enjoy in the Philippines, from sports like football, golf, and running, to more leisurely hobbies like hiking, biking, surfing. You could also go on walking or biking tours, and gain some knowledge and trivia while getting your daily dose of exercise. With lots of activities available and easy access to nature, the opportunities for outdoor fun are endless.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


fruitsAnother perk of living in a warm country is the abundance of fresh produce. You don’t have to settle for canned or frozen fruits and veggies because fresh, local produce is readily available in groceries and markets, and even sold by vendors on the side of the road. Crops that are endemic to the Philippines like mangoes, soursop, coconuts (fabled to be the tree of life in these parts), bananas, jackfruit, moringa, and seaweed are all within reach. Not only can you enjoy the incomparable taste of fresh fruits in season, but you’ll be able to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet easily.

Having fresh seafood is another bonus of being in a tropical country. Because of your proximity to the sea, the travel time from the water to your plate is greatly reduced, and you can find a greater variety of fish and other seafood.

Eating well and healthily is fairly easy and convenient, not to mention affordable. Living in a place with a warm climate certainly has its perks. You won’t only look good, but you’ll feel good as well. The health benefits are definitely one of the top reasons to move to move to the Philippines where a world of sunny comfort awaits.