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How to Spruce Up Your Child’s Learning Space at Home

With the school systems adopting remote learning, it won’t hurt to improve on your child’s study space at home. After all, online and module-based classes may be here to stay for many more months. Help your child get well-adjusted to this new learning environment with a little bit of smart space planning as shared by USA Today.

Assign a specific learning area for your child.


As you start training your child to follow a daily school schedule at home, a dedicated space will help him or her ease into the routine. Choose a quiet area where you can observe your child from a distance and allow him to work independently. Avoid sharing desks to minimize distractions and help your child focus.

Create a pristine learning space.

Libby Sander, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Bond University Business School, wrote: “Cluttered spaces can have negative effects on our stress and anxiety levels, as well as our ability to focus, our eating choices, and even our sleep.” Declutter your child’s learning space of toys, gadgets and other possible distractions. Leave only essential items that your child would need for class each day and make sure to clear the space regularly.

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Consider lighting and ventilation.

Ensure there is proper lighting and the space is well-ventilated to make the area comfortable and conducive for learning. Choose a space with a lot of natural lighting, if possible. This could be in a room with large windows or a balcony converted into a learning nook. Check out this video for a practical condo in Quezon City where you can enjoy generous balcony space.

Check your child’s desk and chair.

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Observe your child’s posture while the online class in ongoing. If he is stooping or his feet doesn’t touch the floor while seated, you may have to replace the table and chair with ones that provide better back and posture support. For an affordable and space-saving option, consider using a foldable desk measured to your child’s needs.

Keep learning tools close by.


Help your child save time by converting an unused rack into a book and school supplies shelf to make these items easily accessible during online class. Encourage him to change up the contents based on the school work for the following day or week. Visual cues like a weekly calendar or a daily plan posted nearby will also help set the tone for learning and keep your child to a schedule.

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