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Your Balcony is the Second Living Area You Never Knew You Needed

When it comes to styling a condo unit, the balcony often takes a back seat. While some are content with adding a few plants and seating pieces, homeowners rarely think about this part of the home, which sometimes ends up as storage or a place where we hang clothes using drying racks.

If you have a spacious balcony at your disposal, you shouldn’t settle for a lackluster outdoor area that you only think of when needed. An expansive balcony should be treated as an extension of the home, or as a second living area you can utilize according to your needs. These days, when we need to make the most of the space we have, a balcony is a special perk you can use to your advantage.

Wine, dine, or wind down


Missing those days when you can dine al fresco at your favorite restaurant? Don’t fret! Carve out a special dining nook in your balcony with a round or a square table and pair it with comfy chairs. Bring out some fancy plates, your wine glasses, and enjoy a hearty meal. If you’ve just had dinner, you can have a toast to another day instead and wind down in your own mini outdoor space.

Worried about the air conditioner compressors taking up space? You can use wooden slat boxes to conceal it without compromising ventilation.

Plant, plan, or jam

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Are you a budding HalaMom or a proud PlanTita? If you’re done sprucing up your condo unit with potted plants in all shapes, sizes, and colors – it’s time to flex your green thumb in the balcony! A spacious balcony can easily be turned into your own urban garden where you can showcase taller and bigger plants.

Aside from mixing and matching pots, you can also bring in wooden pallets to hold smaller planters. Complete the look with faux turf that can cover the entire floor. Once your plants are in place, you can use the space to meditate, make plans and lists, or listen to your favorite tunes.

Work, play, or rest

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Want to work outdoors? Set up a sturdy table in your balcony and choose a comfy chair you can use the whole day to turn it into a home office. Be inspired to get things done as you marvel at the view from time to time.

Accomplished your tasks for the day? Then don’t forget to allot some time for play and rest! A roomy balcony is the perfect spot for a breather – especially if you have a calming view to look at while relaxing.

Exercise, enterprise, or surprise

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Practice mindful breathing and get moving in a balcony that can double as an exercise area. You can do yoga, pilates, and exercises that don’t require equipment easily. Lay out your exercise mat and sweat the stress away!


Thinking of starting your own small business? Set up shop in your balcony and use it as your HQ! All you need is a table, a chair, and organizers to keep clutter at bay. You can track orders, send out parcels, and stay connected with your customers without a hitch.

With a table and chair in place, the balcony is also the perfect spot for impromptu Zoom parties you can schedule with your friends. It will be more fun if you can surprise them with a quick catch up too! Make it extra special by preparing snacks you can munch on while sharing stories with your loved ones. With the balcony as your territory, the rest of the family can utilize the rest of the unit for their own activities.

Chill, be still, and read

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Aside from engaging in different activities, it’s equally important to devote time for reflection and quiet time. A clean and organized balcony with inviting seating pieces is the ideal hideaway for days when you want to recharge in peace with a cup of coffee or a book. We all need space to do the things that keep us happy and afloat in these trying times.

The possibilities are endless when your condo unit comes with a spacious balcony. At Commonwealth by Century, each unit has a balcony that can work as a living area, a dining area, an exercise area, and more. It all boils down to how you’ll maximize the space according to your lifestyle. To inspire you to make the most of your future condo home, log on to Take a virtual tour of the property, see the available units, and talk to an agent. At Commonwealth by Century, you can achieve your own #condogoals.


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