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Safe and cashless shopping with the Century Mall-to-Go


As we ease into a better normal, options for a safe, convenient, and contactless transaction when shopping for groceries and essentials are needed and much preferred by most. With the aim of bringingthe mall and its offerings closer to its customers, Century City Mall recently launched the Century Mall-to-Go – a curbside pickup service for all shoppers.

“We understand that everybody is on the lookout for safety and convenience when shopping these days. Staying true to its promise to innovate, Century City Mall came up with the Mall-to-Go services for a cashless, convenient, and safer shopping experience,” said Kim de Guzman, Century City Mall’s marketing manager.

In three easy steps, shoppers can run their errands with ease:

Step 1:Order ahead and settle the payment directly fromtheir F&B, retail or retail merchants of choice;

Step 2: Schedule the pickup time; and

Step 3: Drive to Century Mall-to-Go Station at the Main Entrance Drop-off to pick up the order.


Virtual Buddy assistance

Century City Mall also recently introduced the Virtual Buddy online assistance service. If you’re planning to visit the store but unsure if it’s open, Century City Mall’s Virtual Buddy can assist you. The Virtual Buddy is every shopper’s online mall assistant who can answer queries through the mall’s Facebook page from 8am to 8pm, daily. You can also count on the Virtual Buddy to make advance orders and reserve items under your name from any restaurant or shop. To chat with Virtual Buddy, simply follow Century City Mall on Facebook and tap the Send Message icon.

Going to the mall may never be the same, but it can still be a smooth and worry-free experience. Through the Century City’s slew of online initiatives, you can still be closer to the Mall of Modern Makati.

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