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On Building Legacies and Creating New Generation Real Estate: CPG’s Marco Antonio on Being a Second-Generation Property Builder

The real estate industry, as a key factor in the growth of our economy, continues to evolve to adapt to the changing times. As stewards of some of the leading developers in the country today, the next generation of leaders behind each must also stay attuned to the pulse of the market to be able to steer the company toward its goals.

In a webinar hosted by The Philippine Star and Property Report PH on Next Generation Property Builders, Century Properties President and CEO, Jose Marco Antonio, was one of the speakers who imparted insights on what it’s like to be a next generation builder. From defining what being a second-generation builder means to rising above the challenges brought about by the pandemic, the CPG head has a lot to share which reflect the company’s path in the coming years.

On being a second-generation builder

It’s no secret that being second generation comes with the pressure of continuing the legacy of the first generation. “For me, being second-generation means several things. First, it’s duty and responsibility, and the opportunity to build on the legacy built by the first generation which was truly forged through the path of entrepreneurship. We hope and aspire to build stronger pillars for the organization, really rallying the company towards today’s new generations,” he explained.

On injecting something that’s truly unique into the business

Guided by the wisdom of Executive Chairman Jose E.B. Antonio and a well-experienced senior management team, the younger Antonio believes that it’s the responsibility of the leaders of today to ensure that the business continues for the stakeholders and employees. “I believe it’s trying to institute agile leadership through the hurdles of today, quickly be able to prepare for the shocks and look after the risks that may not be so obvious to many and really ensure that business continues and survives,” he shared.

The President and CEO is very much involved with product innovation, making sure that each product suits the lifestyles of emerging markets. While Century Properties has been dabbling in the digital space even before the pandemic, the current crisis furthered the efforts of the company to meet its clients online by providing end-to-end digital solutions – from marketing to providing digital tools to its sales team.

The company has also started turning over units digitally as well as diversifying its business through leasing, office spaces, and affordable housing, to name a few.

On combining the insights and approach of the first-generation builders with that of the second-generation

“[Growing up], I’ve never felt any entitlement. [You have to] put in the work and you have to do the work to be able to reap the rewards. I’m very appreciative of the platform that’s already there that we can build upon,” Antonio shared. He believes that it’s required to marry the values of the first-generation with the new generation as those are timeless. “For us it’s really creating new generation real estate, to be a purpose-driven company, really very mindful of our stakeholders from within and outside the company and really evolving to the changing needs of the market and the consumers across the business units. I think it’s imperative that the first and second generation values are actually married and blended,” the CEO added.

As the next generation leader of Century Properties, Antonio considers it his goal to further build the institution through partnerships, better corporate governance, and earning the trust and confidence of the investing public as well as loyalty through its buyers. “It’s not easy but it’s highly rewarding which I enjoy immensely,” he mused.

As Century Properties creates New Generation real estate, it will continue to be of service to its stakeholders and clients. With Antonio at the helm, the company is ready to scale new heights.


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