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Choose Century Properties and Make the Most of Your Move to the Province


When we need to unplug and take a break from the grind, a short trip outside the city is our go-to solution. Whether it’s spending time by the beach or simply marveling at relaxing views – a quick day trip is enough to replenish our energy. What if you can turn this temporary respite into a permanent home setting?

Living in the province holds a ton of possibilities if you know where to plant your roots. With developments rising in key locations outside the city and roads being improved, going to, from, and within your chosen location can be easier. Century Properties has your needs in mind, making sure that its properties outside Metro Manila offer convenience while allowing you to explore and discover new things to love along the way.

Turn your favorite vacation spot into a permanent address and let these reasons convince you why moving to the province is a decision worth considering:

It’s good for your overall health

Think fresh air, less pollution, and a chance to commune with nature. Leave all thoughts about work in the city and savor the welcoming embrace of home. Waking up to the sound of rustling trees and a serene atmosphere can have a positive effect on your well-being, too.


It’s practical

Contrary to what we’re used to – homes in the province aren’t far from civilization. The right location will bring you closer to malls, schools, hospitals, and other areas of interest. You can commute easily to work and be home just in time for dinner. Century Properties’ developments are accessible through major roads and expressways so going to and from your home will be a breeze. If your work is in the Metro, you still have the option to go home every day without a hitch.

It will encourage you to explore

Don’t stay cooped up in your home – #YouNeedSpace to explore! When it’s safe to go on adventures again, you can check out must-visit landmarks, recreational areas, and even restaurants that serve native delicacies. Some of Pampanga’s must-visit heritage sites include The Salakot Arch, the Tabacalera House, and the Lazatin House, to name a few. In between checking out the historic sites, treat yourself to a serving of refreshing halo-halo or don’t miss out on tasting authentic Kapampangan sisig.

When it comes to Batangas, you can drop by the Taal Heritage Town, discover Nasugbu’s secret beaches and coves, or schedule a trip to Fortune Island. After your tour, make sure you reward yourself with a sampling of Batangas’ delicacies – from Lomi and Bulalo, to Tamales and Biko.

It’s economical

Depending on where you choose to live, you have the option to have a garden where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. Growing your own produce can help you save on cash while giving you a new hobby to pursue.

It will encourage you to achieve work-life balance

Some say work-life balance is a cliché, but we beg to differ. Knowing what to prioritize and having a home that encourages just that help. Having amenities at your disposal that will inspire you to take a break or an outdoor space that will motivate you to step outside for a breather is a bonus worth maximizing.

It signifies a fresh start

Moving to the province has its ups and downs, but when you look at the bigger picture – it’s a new chapter you and your family can start together. In your new home, you can let go of old habits, live a healthier lifestyle, and get started on making your other dreams come true. Whether you’re into island dreams or nature reveries, Century Properties can be your partner in making your move to the province a success.



In San Fernando, Pampanga, The Resort Residences at Azure North presents a tropical lifestyle all-year-round with its resort-inspired amenities that will make you feel like you’re always by the beach. Looking for a calmer setting where your family can thrive? In Nasugbu, Batangas, Batulao Artscapes is a sprawling residential development where you can own a designer dream home. Here, slowing down and relishing the outdoors are musts. With the space you have, you can make all your garden dreams come true, too.

Any big change requires a brave first step you need to make. To get started, why not take a virtual tour of these properties? Doing so will give you a feel of each property, see the available units, and view the amenities. You can also talk to a property specialist if you have questions on payment terms and other inquiries you might have. Log on to, click on Our Properties and choose Azure North or Batulao Artscapes from the list.


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