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Make Your Valentine Swoon at Paper Moon

A breathtaking view, elegant interiors, and fine Italian dining all add up to a night of passion.


You’ve been to the most recommended restaurants on every It List of late. You’ve tried the “This is where all the cool people go to” hotspots. You’ve even made your one true pair blush with over-the-top gimmicks at a simple dinner setup just to get an authentic mouth-agape expression from your date. What can you do now for Valentine’s Day? We’re taking off the pressure from you and doing you a solid here. Look no further: Make your Valentine Swoon at Paper Moon.

Right at the top of Knightsbridge Residences, one of Manila’s exquisite residential real estate buildings, is the Italian restaurant Paper Moon. The location alone is a guaranteed way to unequivocally express your love for someone. And that’s not all. Here are eight more reasons why you and your special one are going to love this place.

Authentic Italian roots

As you walk in the restaurant, impress your date with a bit of history lesson about  the place. The first Paper Moon opened in 1977 in fashion district Milan where owners Pio Galligani and his wife Enrica del Rosso graced the affair. Their passion for food and commitment to serving delicious dishes has attracted many gliteratti to their restaurant over the years.

65 storeys high

Paper Moon in Manila offers a sweeping view of the Makati and Mandaluyong skyline. You can watch natural celestial wonders—a golden sunset, a starry night, a beaming full moon—in full glory in an elegant atmosphere that exudes romance.



Homemade pasta

There’s something about Italian cuisine that instantly oozes sophistication and passion. Authentic Italian food—now that’s amore! The pasta at Paper Moon is exquisite. The Italian family’s recipes of homemade spaghetti, tagliolini, and fettuccine, to name a few are cooked to al dente perfection, using the freshest ingredients.


Brick oven pizza

Not all pizzas are created equal. Piping hot, the pizza selections here are brick-oven-baked and served with a thin crust. Every bite will transport you to Italy!

Elegant setting

At Paper Moon, the setting paints a glamorous and cozy dining experience for discerning connoisseurs. It’s all in the details: Every table is fitted with a luxurious fabric, complete cutlery and flatware, as well as crystal wine glasses.

World-renowned brand

With branches located in Istanbul, Doha, Beirut, and Hong Kong, Paper Moon is an international franchise star. Indeed, the passionate beginnings reflecting Italian quality and contemporary interiors appeal to a truly cosmopolitan audience of enthusiastic diners. Manila, a gastronomic city itself, joins the ranks.

Wine and dine in style

Whether you enjoy hours of good conversation or a quiet appreciation of each other’s presence, guests can wine and dine at leisure among Manila’s stylistas.

A sweet ending to a new beginning

Here’s to revitalizing your passion for each other! Ending your stay on a sweet note is essential to making V-Day night unforgettable. The Tiramisu is an absolute must-try.


Make a reservation today by calling +632 7938630. Guests with vehicles have the option to avail of the valet service at the G/F entrance or park at the nearby Century City Mall.


65th Floor

The Knightsbridge Residences

4392 B. Valdez Street,

Makati City

+632 7938630




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