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Homeowners Share What Makes Commonwealth by Century a Safe and Peaceful Community

What makes an ideal home? Many would say that you can’t pass up a property found in an accessible location while there are those who would consider having more than enough living space as the most important consideration. When it comes to choosing a home, you have to assess your options and pick the best one that suits your budget.

As shared by Lehani Francisco, Roberto and Beth Carabuena, and Dr. Don Peczon – it’s still possible to find a property in the city where you can feel safe, do all the things you love, and have the space you need to create a home. These homeowners, who are happily settled in Commonwealth by Century, prove that even in the middle of bustling Quezon City, you can savor security, serenity, and contentment.

A place where families thrive

“I consider myself as a ‘no permanent address’ type of person,” Lehani Francisco jokingly shares. After living in Singapore for years, she and her family decided to settle and invest in a place in the Philippines – with Commonwealth by Century catching their attention. “I felt that I can build a home here and plan how the bedrooms and living room would look like,” the working mom adds.


Contrary to popular belief that it’s difficult to do many things in a condo home, Lehani and her family make the most of the spacious unit. Aside from having a functional workspace, she and her husband, who is a chef, also run a food business called Hani’s Kitchen from the comfort of their home. There’s no shortage of space for the brood and they even use the balcony as the dining area. “The balcony is what I love most. I have a 10-seater dining table in the balcony area,” Lehani says.

Like any other family, the welfare of the children and their safety are of utmost importance. They also love the relaxing and peaceful surroundings. “Every afternoon, the kids look forward to the opportunity to bike around the property. You’re living in a property in the city but when you’re inside, it’s as if you’re not in the city because you can see the mountains, there are trees, and even open spaces,” she exclaims.

At Commonwealth by Century, the Franciscos have peace of mind. Security personnel rove around the property 24/7 and they can assist in times of emergencies.

A property where you can find a second family

Who says condo living is meant only for young professionals and families? Just like how Roberto and Beth Carabuena are making the most of their condo unit, active retirees can also live comfortably in a condo unit. “We’ve been living here for five years. We love being near the church, the mall, and the availability of public transportation,” says Robert. Commonwealth by Century is only a few minutes away from the nearest mall and the upcoming Don Antonio station of the MRT Line 7.


Retired and managing their own business, the couple savors the security and peaceful living within the property. “I think we’re one of the first homeowners here,” adds Beth. Aside from the reliable security, the couple also appreciates the assistance offered by the property management staff. “We treat them as our second family. In other properties, we’re just a number. Here, there are safety protocols in place and they are very proactive when it comes to health and the concerns of the homeowners,” Beth explains.

Especially in these uncertain times, the Carabuenas consider themselves fortunate to be able to call Commonwealth by Century home. They can stay active by dropping by the gym and they enjoy some downtime by spending time in the balcony. “We can stay here for hours. Staying in this condo makes life easy. We’re very satisfied and happy,” they add.

A nurturing middle ground

For ophthalmologist Dr. Don Peczon, location is the most important consideration given that he holds clinics in the north and in the south. With Commonwealth by Century’s convenient location, Dr. Peczon can easily go to his clinic in Caloocan and travel to Calamba on weekends. Since Commonwealth is in the middle, visiting the family home is also easier.


“I bought the unit in 2012. I researched about Century Properties and they have a good track record in delivering quality properties and projects,” he shares. Beyond the convenience, Dr. Peczon also appreciates the benefits of living within serene surroundings. “Even in isolation, there’s peace and quiet, and good security. There are things to do within the condo unit. You can also go to the rooftop to see the views of Sierra Madre or the mountains of Bataan and Zambales,” Dr. Peczon says.

Dr. Peczon maximizes the available amenities with the property now that we’re living under quarantine. Aside from going to the gym, he also walks around the Great Lawn every morning to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Finding a home where you can thrive and feel safe may take time, but once you move in, all the waiting will be worth it – especially if you live in a property like Commonwealth by Century. Know more about these homeowners’ Century stories when you subscribe to Century Properties’ Youtube Channel:

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