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Five Ideas to Enhance and Personalize Your Family’s Work Spaces

Our personal spaces have an impact on our mood. Since our surroundings have a psychological impact on our perspective, we should create spaces that allow us to thrive. When we are happy with our surroundings, we are more positive, more creative, and more productive.

Imagine translating this idea into your personal spaces at home. Wouldn’t it just be perfect if play areas inspired fun, study nooks promoted focus, and work spaces got things done? The good news is that you don’t need expensive re-decorating to achieve this. Simple changes can create spaces that work for every member of the family.

Here are five helpful tips to create enjoyable and productive spaces anywhere in your home:

1. Consider personality

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It’s always exciting to go through the dreamy pages of a catalogue! But before you head out and shop, first consider who you’re designing for. Fancy furniture might look great in the play area, but does your toddler like bright colors or muted tones? If you’re designing a study space, evaluate your child’s study habits. Does your child like working in quiet, secluded place? Or does he or she work best with family members nearby? Let the space reflect your child’s personality.

2. Identify and personalize the space

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Once you’ve chosen the perfect work or play spot, then it’s time to decorate. Consider your child’s age and size in buying furniture. As a general rule, the work surface should be your child’s waist height. And a right-sized chair will let your child rest his or her elbows on the table without sacrificing posture.

Decorating spaces with your child’s interests encourages learning. When children are surrounded by things they find interesting, it is easier to form connections that help them retain knowledge easier and for much longer.

The right lighting also helps improve focus. You can turn any abode into a well-lit space by choosing fixtures that duplicate the dynamism of natural light while addressing limited floor space.

3. Study essentials

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Apart from a good desk, here are 5 essentials every productive study space needs:

  • A mini bulletin board where you can post reminders, as well as small notes of encouragement.
  • A daily activities calendar to teach your child proper time management.
  • A clock to encourage the habit of punctuality.
  • A caddy for pencils, pens, and art supplies.
  • Snacks, of course, for brain power!

4. Make it mobile

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Did you know that you can make a study area mobile if space is limited? Even if you don’t have an area to create a dedicated space, you can assemble what your child needs by having a container with all the study supplies he or she needs. This means you could have folding tables in front of the couch, the coffee table, or the dining table as a work area, then pack everything away once study time is done! You can also do the same for your teen’s laptop time and work spaces for adults.

5. Add a touch of nature

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A recent study shows that plants and natural light increase productivity. The possibilities are limitless in adding a touch of nature indoors. Apart from indoor plants, you can add pictures of the outdoors (your favorite beach, for example) and soothing nature music to make your space more conducive to learning and working.

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Enhancing and personalizing your family’s work spaces is an exciting project to undertake! As you decorate with a purpose, remember that you don’t need to fill up every inch of your home. Extra space will allow you and your family to move freely in a clutter-free environment, while enjoying every nook and corner of your home. With these five tips in mind, you’re on your way to creating comfortable and productive areas that will make you love the space you’re in!

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