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Don’t Just Invest In Any Property For Sale: 3 Reasons Your Ideal Home Is At Century City

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Propеrty for Salе at Century City

Perfectly capturing the essence of work, live and play, Makati City truly is the place to be. As with any urban metropolis, it’s no wonder that flocks of people scour the city looking for their own piece of property. But for the wide-eyed homebuyer, any propеrty for salе becomes an option. With a ton of choices out there, it’s hard to tell which one is worth your money.

Finding your dream home in Makati can be tricky as there are a lot of things to consider. But these three key factors may nudge you in the right direction and make that final decision a breeze for you.

1. Location

Ask anyone working in Makati but lives far away and they will tell you one thing: time is luxury. Even what’s supposed to be a 30-minute ride home can stretch to two hours! This just leaves you drained and exhausted. The obvious solution: move to Makati.

Right in the heart of Makati is Century City, a city within a city of high-end skyscrapers that tower over the central business district. This makes it not only accessible to a variety of ways to commute but also lets you come home with enough time and energy to spare with those who matter most.

True to the work and play dynamic of Makati, Century City is also close by to the hot and trendy bars, restaurants, and other entertainment outlets that give you a taste of the city’s iconic nightlife. Poblacion is just teeming with a variety of restaurants and bars. The  Century City Mall provides you with popular stores (we recommend the cinema!), while Centuria Medical Makati is just around the corner when you need to pay more attention to your health.

So instead of sitting in a car or bus for a couple of hours, you’ll be better off spending your precious time going out with your friends or maybe doing your groceries after work (freeing up your weekend). Whatever you want to do, you’re just close to pretty much everything you need.

Propеrty for Salе at Century City



Imagine you just beat that 3-day deadline or survived another killer day at work. You deserve to treat yourself to a spa day or a good workout. And although Makati has a number of gyms, spas, and other recreational centers to choose from, by the time your shift ends you’d barely have enough energy left to go to the nearest mall!

Luckily, Century City residents are spoiled for choice with a wide range of world-class amenities just one elevator-ride away! Leave your worries behind at an indoor lap pool complete with a panoramic view of Makati at Century Spire, or burn the stress away at the Milano Residences’ fitness center. Each luxury high-rise isn’t your ordinary propеrty for salе, but are prime real еstatе at the epicenter of urban energy.


Propеrty for Salе at Milano Residences



Why just live anywhere, when you can be living in style? When eyeing a propеrty for salе, most people just go ahead and settle for what’s cheap and available. But why invest your hard-earned money for something that’s just… meh?

A condo unit isn’t just a walled space that you go home to every day. It’s your personal sanctuary where you can relax when you need to, a home for your family, and a hangout place for you and your friends during the weekends!

Won’t it be nice to have your guests walk across a scented lobby, be ushered by the Concierge up fast and stylish elevators and walk up to your door only to see that smile on your face that’s beaming with pride?  Now that’s a nice dream to have and a dream that’s surely within your reach.

Fortunately, Century City offers a portfolio of internationally-acclaimed designers and artists that create remarkable spaces in a single structure. Such to grace the streets of Makati are The Milano Residences and Century Spire interior-designed by beloved Italian furniture brand Armani/Casa.

Living in your dream property may seem like a big leap. But why settle for the ordinary, when you can invest in one with a prime location, uncommon amenities, and masterfully-conceptualized designs?

Propеrty for Salе at Milano Residences


Century City delivers the best parts of Makati right on your doorstep. Conveniently located just north of the Central Business District, this vertical village spans an advanced medical facility, a shopping and entertainment mall, office spaces, and a variety of upscale residential properties tastefully designed by world-renowned artists that will make you say “I live there.”

Are you looking for a real еstatе property in the Philippines? Call 63917 555 5274 or email to learn more about condos for sale and other real еstatе properties by Century Properties.


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