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EXCLUSIVE: Take five with Miss Paris Hilton

There were eye-catching dashes of hot pinks and cool aquamarines and intriguing furniture items inside the Paris Beach Club of the Azure Urban Resort Residences in Parañaque City but we couldn’t be distracted ­– style icon Paris Hilton, herself, who had just unveiled the multiple-level facility at the general press conference held Thursday, was waiting upstairs and she has allotted only a few precious minutes for each select media company. Surely, can’t be tardy.

So, comfy velvet chairs, colorful ice cream and a candy bar, a social lounge for those intimate meetings, exclusive spa areas, and man-made Azure beach adjacent to the beach club, scoot! We only had eyes and ears for Miss Paris in this short but sweet exclusive interview:

How much hand have you had in this project?
“I was involved in every step of the way in this project. Everything from the furniture to the moldings to what tiles were used, which chandeliers… I made sure this property is completely Paris-designed and something that I would love. I have traveled around the world to the most incredible places and seen the best things in life, so I took all that inspiration and used it in this property.”

What is your favorite Paris Beach Club feature?
“I can’t pick a favorite. I love everything! The designs really represent me. Everything’s great, beautiful, fashionable, modern and new. There’s really a good vibe here. When people come here, they’ll be in a great mood and have a wonderful time. That’s what it’s all about – having a good time and enjoying life.”

What are your design principles and how do they translate to designing for living spaces?
“I’ve been a designer for many years now. I have my 17 different product lines so I design for all those. But getting to design actual properties and places you can go – real еstatе – is even more fun because it’s like bringing everything together. Bringing fashion into architecture… it’s pretty incredible. I love it. It’s the next step in my career and I couldn’t be happier.”

Apart from your successful parents, who else are your role models?
“I’ve always loved Marilyn Monroe. She is such an icon, so beautiful. I love her photographs. She’s a very special blonde.

“And then I really admire people like Oprah Winfrey. What she has created for her brand is amazing… she’s one of the most amazing women on earth. She’s so smart and she has such a big heart.

“Martha Stewart as well, she’s done a great job with her brand. And I love Audrey Hepburn, too, because she is just so cool and elegant and I love her style.”

Aside from acting and being a designer, you are also into music. What are the things you like best about each of your personas?
“I love that in my life I get to do all the things I love. I love fashion that’s why I love being a designer because I love dressing up and being able to provide products for my fans where they can feel like they have sort of a piece of me. I’m proud of my 16 fragrance, it became a huge empire on its own.

“With acting, I love entertaining people, and making people smile or laugh and have fun.

“With DJ-ing and music, I love to perform. I love music, I love to party. I love to see people smile and have a great time.

“Being a business woman, I love it because it’s always been a dream of mine to be one and to be successful on my own and to be independent. I feel I’ve done that in every area of my life. I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I don’t know what else I could ask for, I feel so blessed.”

Source: Manila Bulletin | March 14, 2014


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