Easy Recipes You Can Prepare When You’re Running Out of Ideas

Working from home entails preparing hearty meals that require readily available ingredients. It’s an extra plus if what you need is already in your pantry! Remember, a decent meal doesn’t have to be expensive nor fancy. If you’re someone who hasn’t explored his culinary skills beyond frying or cooking simple dishes, here are some easy […]

Where to Next? Exciting Travel Destinations for Long Weekends

It’s Friday! With your backpack filled with OOTDs for the weekend, you message your buddies about your early morning flight the next day. Do you have your essentials? Cash and credit card, check. Phone and camera, check. Selfie stick and mini tripod, check. Power bank and chargers, check. Plane ticket, passport, and itinerary check. Now […]

Quick Spots To Enjoy Summer in the City

Summer in the Philippines can mean having to bear with 38 degrees Celsius weather on a daily basis but it doesn’t mean you can’t avoid it. If you can’t fly off to a cooler climate, don’t despair! Here are quick spots to let you enjoy summer in the city: 1. Swim laps in the pool […]

30 Goals Before You Turn 30

You’ve reached your 20’s and now have greater independence. This is your chance to figure out who you are, what you want to achieve in the next five to ten years and how to expand your horizons! You may have set hard goals such as settling down and having a family, starting a business or […]

Go Green When You Travel

The very purpose of traveling, especially when you want to hit the road with your family, is to take a break from it all: the pressure at work, the monotony of house chores, the mundaneness of everyday life. You want to be carefree for the next few days or weeks—you deserve it, after all. But […]

5 Fashion-Inspired Tablescapes for Entertaining at Home

Entertaining at home can be just as fancy as eating out. So why not take your at-home dining experience to another level by styling your dinner table according to chic fashion trends? We’re sharing a few tips and tricks to wow your guests the next time you’re hosting a dinner party. 1 Classic If you […]

Turn Your Travel Souvenirs Into Home Décor

It might be easier to buy ready-made souvenirs when you’re traveling to your dream destinations but creating something out of keepsakes make them extra special. It can be as simple as buying some textile with a beautiful pattern that reminds you of your island getaway and turning it into a shrug for your couch. Or […]

4 Simple Recipes You Can Easily Cook in Your Condo in 5 Easy Steps

One of the things that make living on your own so much fun is that you get to cook your own meals. This is especially true if you’re a foodie or the type who loves puttering around in the kitchen. Sure, you may not have as much room to move around as you would living […]

Where to Find Food that Feels like Home

One of the best things about living in Manila is the wide range of cuisines available at your fingertips. There’s nothing more comforting than the knowledge that your favorite flavors are just a quick walk or ride away. Here are a few groceries and specialty stores worth checking out, whether you’re an expat on the […]