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5 Fashion-Inspired Tablescapes for Entertaining at Home

Entertaining at home can be just as fancy as eating out. So why not take your at-home dining experience to another level by styling your dinner table according to chic fashion trends? We’re sharing a few tips and tricks to wow your guests the next time you’re hosting a dinner party.

1 Classic

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If you like timeless styles that stand the test of time, this tablescape is for you. Bring out the white tablecloth and black table runner. Go for a mix of white and gold-accented plates and cutlery, then pair them with crystal goblets and serving dishes. You can write your guests’ names in calligraphy (or print them out in a pretty cursive font) and use gold ribbon to tie your rolled-up table napkins in black. Finish off with white roses (or your preferred blooms) as the centerpiece.

2 Minimalist

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Take inspiration from the streamlined look of minimalist fashion, but give it a rustic touch. Think wooden plates and bowls, and burlap draped over a wooden dining table. Go for copper or vintage silverware and succulents in pots to use as accents. If you’ve got fresh herbs like rosemary, tie a few sprigs with your table napkins using some twine. Keep the colors muted with dove grays, denim blues, and olive green.

3 Jewel tones

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Drape your table with a deep teal tablecloth and pair with fuchsia napkins to complement each other. Keep your dinnerware understated with clear plates and gold-trimmed glasses and matching flatware. If you can source strings of metallic beads from your local craft store, weave them in and out of your serving plates in the middle for an added accent.

4 Big and bold

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If you can accessorize with clothes, you can also do that with your dining table! Bring out that beautifully patterned textile you bought on a trip to Morocco and use it as a tablecloth. Use your clayware from Bali and silverware with the bamboo handles. Spread a few succulents and grapefruit or blood oranges cut in half to create a tropical centerpiece. It’ll almost feel like you’re dining in a different country without leaving your own home. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to bring out your dining “accessories.”

5 Relaxed Elegance

annie spratt 137319 unsplash

Think embroidered, fringed, and crystal-encrusted frocks. While keeping the colors low key and dark (maybe a dark navy tablecloth paired with mismatched table napkins in different cloth textures), play around with your dinnerware. Bring out the gold goblets, art deco plates, and candles of varying sizes to set the mood.

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