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3 Ways You Can Give Back To Your Family Working Abroad

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More than two million Filipinos are scattered across the globe in search of better opportunities and the promise of a good life. They return home with trolleys of luggage on one hand and boxes of pasalubong on the other, some with the latest toys, branded clothing and perfume, and an assortment of imported sweets.

We get excited for the gifts they bring, but often neglect the struggles and sacrifices they endured while abroad. This Yuletide season, let’s be the ones to give back to the people who work tirelessly for our sake, and here are three ways how.

1. Start small

A homecoming celebration, no matter how small, is already a huge and heartwarming gesture for our family members who work abroad. Because to them, seeing bright smiles and familiar faces greet them home after months or even years of hard work is a gift in itself. Treat them to their favorite restaurant or even cook beloved family recipes at home, because nothing says “welcome back” better than a good salu-salo!

2. Pamper them

As OFWs adjust to a whole new world of customs and cultures, this means having to give up the life they enjoyed back home. And despite the friends made and life built abroad, there are just some things in life that are irreplaceable. When they finally get to come home, why not pamper them with everything they missed while abroad?

  • Go on a street food trip. In the Philippines, Adidas isn’t just a brand, it’s also the name of barbequed chicken feet! Take your OFW relatives out to feast on all-time Pinoy favorites like fishballs, kwek-kwek and isaw.
  • Binge-watch classic teleseryes and blockbusters. Who can forget the tear-jerking Got 2 Believe starring Claudine Barretto & Rico Yan, or Judy Ann Santos and Wowie de Guzman’s rise to stardom in Mara Clara?
  • Treat them out to a relaxing staycation, one they will never forget. Siglo Suites by Century Properties makes it possible to vacation in premiere property developments with fully-serviced apartments for the rest and relaxation your loved ones deserve.

3. Invest

The money our OFW relatives send back home isn’t earned from easy labor, but with blood, sweat and tears. One of the biggest ways we could give back to them is through investment. Besides the small sweet gestures, the wise move would be to put their hard-earned money in proper financial avenues for lasting results.

There are all sorts of lucrative ventures and options for businesses, like franchising a popular establishment or materializing a business concept you’ve been hanging on to for so long. Not only is this income-generating, but it secures your savings in the long run and makes your relatives abroad trust that the money they send is in good hands.

If you’re risk-averse and not really entrepreneurial, another option to consider is real еstatе investment. Aside from being a concrete investment (literally), real еstatе is also known to appreciate over time.

Conveniently located near major shopping centers, schools, and popular establishments, The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is a property development designed to provide hardworking Filipinos a life of quality. Safe, affordable, designed with family-focused amenities, these are just some of the features The Residences at Commonwealth offers. But more than just a real еstatе investment, it’s the ticket to the comfort and security you and your family deserve.

Are you looking for a real еstatе property in the Philippines? Call 63917 555 5274 or email to learn more about condos for sale and other real еstatе properties by Century Properties.


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