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What Kind of Beach are You?

Find out what beachin’ personality you have.

Fact: Summer has officially arrived. Hypothethical Question: If you were a world-famous beach, what kind would you be? Let’s find out by answering this quick and fun personality quiz based on your passions in life.

Which of these activities sounds like a perfect day at the beach?

A.) I’m all about the breathtaking views and the laidback vibe. I like to walk around,

taking in a panoramic view of the vivid blue sea and sky then drink some fine wine while watching the sun set.

B.) Fire dancing recitals, trips to waterfalls, surfing, I’m a creature of variety. Plus, I love thrills. The more dangerous, the more exciting!

C.) Beach party 24/7! I love the festive island vibe.

D.) Under the sea is where I want to be. Diving and snorkeling are my kind of thrill. 

E.) I’m a sucker for celebrity sightings so wherever they are, I want to be there—rich and famous by association!

F.) After taking a dip at the beach, I have fun going around the town’s museums and shopping haunts/

G.) I like a sun and surf escape with the comforts of a highly urbanized city within reach.

H.) Nothing beats hanging out at a beach-front hotel, which I booked at super-steal prices, with my friends and family, watching people pass by against a scenic beach horizon.


You’ve got popcorn. What movie do you want to watch?

A.) Before Midnight

Movie’s best line: “I’m okay with you being a complicated human being.”

B.) Moana

Movie’s best line: “See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me, and no one knows where it goes.”

C.) City of God

Movie’s best line: “Honesty doesn’t pay, sucker.”

D.) Finding Nemo

Movie’s best line: “I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. He shall be my squishy.”

E.) Chocolat

Movie’s best line: “I think we can’t go around measuring our goodness by what we don’t do.”

F.) Roman Holiday

Movie’s best line: “I don’t know how to say goodbye. I can’t think of any words.”

G.) Scarface

Movie’s best line: “Say hello to my little friend!”

H.) Romantic Island (Korean rom-com)

Movie’s best line: “No, I never want to remember this day ever.”


What’s your signature summer style?

A.) White, breezy clothes look so beach-ready.

B.) Can’t go wrong with shorts, shades, and a Hawaiian shirt. #likealocal

C.) #OOTD clothes in at least seven different colors so I’m always picture-perfect.

D.) I’ll be in my swimsuit most of the time because I want to be always ready to jump in the water.

E.) Trendy straw hat, bug-eye shades, designer duds–gotta blend in and look like a celebrity.

F.) Comfort over style is my fashion motto. I’ll be walking and street shopping, so my shoes have to be comfy.

G.) Bling it, baby!

H.) I like wearing island shirts that show off my newly inked henna tattoos.


Order a cocktail or a drink.

A.) I’ll have me some ouzo paired with the local fish dish.

B.) Mai Tai with extra pineapple on the side, please!

C.) I wonder how many mojitos I can drink without passing out?

D.) Well, I like piña coladas.

E.) Champagne, s’il vous plait.

F.) It’s red wine for me.

G.) I can handle a CoronaRita. Bottoms up!

H.) Weng weng! Weng weng!





Mostly As

You’re a Santorini beach! You like the unhurried holiday life and just enjoying scenic views and the local cuisine.

Mostly Bs

Hey there, Maui! You’re a free spirit who wants to go out and experience the world.

Mostly Cs

You’ve got the spirit of Rio! You’ve got a colorful personality, winning everyone with your wit and charm.

Mostly Ds

You’re like a Maldives beach. When out on a vacation, you like things cool and calm, and prefer to be one with nature.

Mostly Es

Hello, St. Tropez! You’re drawn to the high life of glitz and glamor.

Mostly Fs

You’re a bellissimo Positano! You’ve got an old soul and a refined taste in vacation spots.

Mostly Gs

’Sup, Miami! Beach and city life—you want the best of both worlds. And why not!

Mostly Hs

You’re Boracay, baby! You definitely like sun, sand, and smiles.

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