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The Most Comprehensive Medical Facility is Now Preferred by 300,000 PatientsMedical FacilityThe Most Comprehensive Medical Facility is Now Preferred by 300,000 Patients

Whether you’re scheduled for a routine checkup or you’re looking for a medical specialist, finding the right clinic or doctor is a must. After all, our health is of utmost importance and we should only get the best medical assistance we could.

Fortunately, finding the country’s top doctors and getting access to premier medical care has become easier with a visit to Centuria Medical Makati. The one-stop outpatient medical-IT facility found at the heart of Century City, Makati is home to various specialized and unique centers where patients can get top-notch medical services.

By offering innovative and cost-effective services under one roof, Centuria offers a comprehensive medical checkup while allowing visitors to feel at ease within the modern facility. Among the clinics housed at Centuria Medical Makati are the Centers of Excellence where patients can avail of specialized medical services such as the Asian Breast Center, InstaLimb (3D-Printed Prosthesis), Pinnacle Performance (a Hong Kong-based fitness enhancement facility), and The Surgery Center.

Given the broad and all-inclusive centers found at Centuria Medical Makati, it’s no wonder it has become the medical facility of choice of many patients. Doctors at the forefront of their respective specialties lead the Centers of Excellence, giving patients and visitors the reassurance that they will be well taken care of.

Learn more about Centuria Medical Makati’s Centers of Excellence below:

Asian Breast Center

A one-stop, comprehensive ambulatory breast care center, the Asian Breast Center provides a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to breast health from screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Taking pride as the only profit-for-charity facility that’s solely dedicated to the management of breast diseases, it’s affiliated with US cancer center, Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, USA and offers treatment recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines.

In addition to consultations, surgery, and radiation therapy, it also has diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine services which include digital mammography, breast ultrasound, and a first in the Philippines –

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI). MBI is designed to detect breast cancer in women with dense breasts as commonly seen in Filipinas.

Heading the team of surgeons, radiologists, and oncologists at ABC is Dr. Norman San Agustin, a distinguished oncologist and surgeon, and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. San Agustin has been advocating for early detection to cure breast cancer and in addition to leading Asian Breast Center, he’s also the brains behind Mammo on Wheels, a project that brings free mammogram tests to different areas in the country.

Asian Breast Center, 8th Floor

Makati PET/CT Center

The only PET/CT center you can find outside a hospital setting, the Makati PET/CT Center at Centuria specializes in whole body cancer imaging. The center also welcomes patients in need of sectional CT scan procedures as well as the detection of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. All procedures make use of the latest technologies but are more competitively priced compared to services offered in most hospitals.

Makati PET/CT Center, Ground Floor

NewLife Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Run by board-certified surgeons, NewLife provides advanced options in plastic and cosmetic reconstructive surgeries in addition to non-surgical procedures. The facility is well-equipped and has a cozy ambiance that makes patients feel relaxed once they step inside. Some of the services offered at NewLife include rhinoplasty, face lift, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, tummy tack, and liposuction.

Heading the team of surgeons at NewLife is Dr. James Joaquino, a member of the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery, the Oriental Society for Aesthetic Surgery, and the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. With a career that spans over 30 years, Dr. Joaquino has performed thousands of surgeries all done with one goal: to make patients look as good as they feel.

NewLife Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 7th Floor

The Surgery Center

Aiming to provide a more convenient alternative to traditional surgery, The Surgery Center specializes in same day-care and outpatient surgery performed by a team of well-trained doctors and nurses. With services that cover different surgical specialties from cosmetic surgery and dermatology, to urology and ophthalmology – the center is able to cater to more individuals with specific needs. Cost-effective and hassle-free, The Surgery Center’s unique setup guarantees personalized care and a comfortable experience to patients.

The Surgery Center, 7th Floor

Pinnacle Performance

It’s one thing to have a workout plan and another to have a professional partner that can guide you through the steps of becoming healthier. Pinnacle Performance is a Hong Kong-based training facility that’s staffed by internationally accredited coaches who guide clients toward true physical development. The well-equipped athlete training facility is all about delivering results without shortcuts.

Pinnacle Performance also takes pride in the Pinnacle way of becoming fitter and healthier – plan, pursue that plan, and perform. Clients can count on a fitness plan that’s designed with their goals in mind, plus, coaches assess each individual’s performance using the corresponding metrics that matches each one’s training plan.

Pinnacle Performance, 28th floor

Advanced Lab Solutions by Hi-Precision Diagnostics

Considered as a pioneer in the laboratory and diagnostic industry, Hi-Precision Diagnostics brings its brand of top-quality healthcare to Centuria Medical Makati through Advanced Lab Solutions, one of the country’s largest medical laboratories. Here, patients can avail of different services from routine laboratory tests and imaging, to getting consultations from multi-specialty doctors and getting tests not readily available in the country.

Advanced Lab Solutions by Hi-Precision Diagnostics, 9th floor


InstaLimb takes on the challenge of providing prosthetics to patients who are bouncing back after an illness or injury. It makes use of advanced technologies to create high-quality prosthesis for Filipinos such

as machine learning (AI), a specialized 3D-CAD to reduce design time, and specialized 3D printer that help cut production time by 1/10 compared to conventional production processes.

InstaLimb, 25th Floor

Robocare Solutions, Inc.

Providing rehabilitation services with the help of technology, Robocare Solutions utilizes medical technologies and solutions from all the over world. Its rehabilitation services cover a wide range of specializations such as neurology, physical rehabilitation, orthopedics, cardiology, and sports medicine, to name a few. Among its products, the HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) is one of the most widely used. The world’s first cyborg-type robot, HAL assists a physically challenged person to move while enabling him or her to exert bigger motor energy than usual. It’s also considered as a system that helps accelerate the motor learning of cerebral nerves.

Robocare Solutions, Inc., 28th Floor

M P L Clinic Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine

Specializing in macro and micro subcellular treatments, M P L Clinic focuses on human physiology by offering services that cover cardiovascular, metabolic diseases, rejuvenative medicine, and nutritional counselling. Aside from offering blood works and laboratory services, it also has external enhanced counter pulsation and Butterly iQ diagnostic services.

One of its leaders is Dr. Mark Alejandro Llenado, a member of the Philippine Heart Association and Philippine Society of Hypertension. A wellness specialist, he’s also an expert in Hyperbaric and Dive Medicine as well as Integrative, Functional, and Rejuvenative Medicine.

M P L Clinic, 27th Floor

Should patients need to purchase medicines, supplements, and other medical essentials, they don’t need to leave the premises of Centuria Medical Makati. A Mercury Drug is located at the ground floor where prescription and over-the-counter medicines can be bought.

Health is wealth may be an old adage, but it holds true more so now. A visit to a medical facility needs to be reassuring and a pleasant experience for patients. At Centuria Medical Makati, you can consult with

top-notch doctors and avail of thorough medical services whether it’s for a routine checkup, a simple procedure, or you want to get started on your fitness goals.

Simply call the concierge of Centuria Medical Makati so you can get a hold of the right doctor or clinic. Here, your welfare is a priority.

Centuria Medical Makati is located at Century City, Kalayaan Avenue cor. Salamanca St., Makati City. For inquiries and to book an appointment, you may get in touch with the Centuria Medical Concierge via text or phone call at +639176106267. Centuria Medical is also on Viber: +639171499699. For updates, follow Centuria Medical Makati on Facebook @centuriamedicalofficial and Instagram @centuriamedical.


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