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A Quick Guide on Five Trendy Interior Design Styles

When you’re a new homeowner moving in to your condo for the first time, it may seem daunting to decorate your place. The choices seem limitless, and you may be worried about making the wrong decisions. It’s a similar dilemma for residents looking to renovate their existing space. Whether you’re facing a blank canvas or doing a home makeover, it’s important to remember that everyone starts somewhere. The first step in unleashing your inner designer is to familiarize yourself with interior design styles—here are five to get you started.

1. Industrial

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There is a raw, unfinished feel to industrial interior design, which highlights building materials that used to be concealed—think exposed pipes, unpainted cement walls, and bare hanging light bulbs.

industrial photo 1503418895522 46f9804cda40Popular among local coffee shops and New York loft apartments, this style uses a lot of stainless steel and metal fixtures.

industrial photo 1510348620274 e0b1ac20744bThese warehouse-like elements are complemented by brick walls, potted plants, and wooden furniture. Earth tones and personal knickknacks provide a pop of color and homey warmth.

industrial photo 1530604021746 cc55bfc51987

2. Coastal


This style is all about bringing the beach to the city. Picture the colors of the sea: soft blues and greens and sun-kissed coral against the sandy tan and creamy white. For texture, take your cue from nature and go for woven rugs, clayware accents, and wooden furniture.


Mimic the sea with wave-like patterns, and let plants liven up your space. The goal is to make your home feel as light and breezy as a beachside bed and breakfast.


3. Boho Chic


Boho chic traces its origins to the bohemian way of life. The nomadic lifestyle involves a lot of moving around and picking bits and pieces up along the way, resulting in a delightful mish-mash of colors, patterns, and textures.

Boho2Think patterned tiles, plush carpets, and accent walls. Think statement lamps, ceramic décor, and big indoor plants. Here, more is more. However, you can switch things up and stick to a plain neutral wall, for instance, to give the textures and patterns some room to breathe.

Boho3At its core, boho is about throwing out the rules and making your own, so let loose and choose pieces that speak to you.

4. Scandinavian

scandi photo 1489769002049 ccd828976a6c

Made popular by Nordic countries, this style is about paring down to the essentials by combining form and function. A beautiful desk lamp provides light and acts as a statement piece. A woven hamper stores laundry and brightens up a corner.

scandi photo 1531883216697 9471b02b8aabAn exposed closet stores and showcases clothing, while providing users a daily exercise in restraint and conscious buying.

scandi photo 1530411554903 7e745b9f1f6dThis minimalist style is big on shades of white, gray, and black, as well as warm wood. It uses a lot of negative space, meaning spaces not occupied by anything, to allow pieces to breathe and shine.

5. French Country

french photo 1519643381401 22c77e60520e

French countryside-inspired décor is all about flowing lines, warm colors, and vintage pieces. Rusted metal and distressed furniture are complemented by cozy cushions, lacy accents, and fresh and dried flowers.

french photo 1537165924986 cc3568f5d454In the bedroom, the headboard takes center stage, usually in the form of a repurposed wrought iron fence, repainted wood, or a plush tufted piece.

french photo 1496092607007 ca127e0b6a10The toile pattern is distinctly French country—think pastoral themes and country scenes for sheets, wallpapers, and accent pieces.

6. Mix and Match

They say that rules are meant to be broken—and once you’re familiar with the basics, you can experiment and explore new design trends. Mix and match like blogger Laureen Uy, whose newly renovated home is a combination of tropical, industrial, and luxe design.

[advanced_iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Or, take your cue from actress Solenn Heussaff who designed her new house herself. The artist went for a boho tropical theme—or “homey, jungle-y, Havana, Moroccan chic” as she describes it—anchored by beiges and blacks.

[advanced_iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Inspiration Is Key

Boho, coastal, industrial, a mix of all these and more—whatever your style preference is, it’s easier to unleash your inner designer when inspiration abounds. At Acqua Private Residences in Mandaluyong, you can take your cue from the dynamic mix of styles of the six towers, such as luxe (Niagara, Sutherland, and Dettifoss towers by resident interior designer Chat Fores), boho (Livingstone tower designed by Missoni Home), contemporary (Iguazu tower designed by yoo inspired by Starck), and industrial (Acqua Pebble’s gym). Bringing it all together is the overall tropical rainforest design of the real estate property.

Combining beautiful design and functionality, Acqua Private Residences is hyper-amenitized with an expansive gym with TRX, cardio area with views of Makati, indoor garden, lap pool, lagoon pool, jacuzzi, cafe and juice bar, basketball/volleyball court, movie room, and library all located in the waterfront clubhouse called The Pebble. With the residential property’s central location and proximity to Makati and other central business districts, it truly is #condogoals.

For a minimum of 2.5% down payment, you can move in now to the condo for sale. Alternatively, you can experience living in the well-designed spaces by booking a Siglo Suites staycation at Acqua Private Residences or other Century Properties such as The Gramercy Residences, Knightsbridge Residences, The Milano Residences, and Azure Urban Resort Residences.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash, Paolo Feliciano and The Style Hobbyist.


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