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Homeowners continue to pay homage to developers

Property developers are partly the reason why many families and hardworking individuals continue to enjoy and anticipate with much eagerness new beginnings and the coming into fruition of lifelong dreams—that of owning a home.

As developers remain committed to their promise to deliver high quality structures in masterplanned communities, many Filipinos will continue to reap the benefits and be able to truly live the good life.

Indeed, ensuring the satisfaction of every homeowner has always been the end goal of every responsible and trustworthy developer. For them, building beautiful homes and creating safe communities go beyond the lucrative promise of earning good money. Part of the goal is to help enhance the quality of lives of many hardworking and deserving Filipinos.

Yet again, here are some individuals and families who are now taking time out to pay homage to developers whose well planned structures have helped provide a more secure and comfortable life for them. Here’s what they have to say.




Like every satisfied and proud homeowner, actor-singer Piolo Pascual can’t help but declare his respect and adulation for property developer Century Properties.

At the recently held celebration of the company’s 30th year, Pascual has nothing but praises for the known gamechanger in the industry—a highly esteemed company that has allowed Pascual and other discerning individuals and families to live the high life and know what real luxury, elegance and comfort meant.

Century Properties, after all, has brought to the country some of the biggest names in the global real еstatе scene, as well as in international fashion and design arena, thus enabling many Filipinos to have a taste of the world through its developments.

With the way the company has upped the ante in property development, it comes as no surprise that Century Properties gained a much deserved interest and respect from investors and end users alike, some of whom eventually ended up as either a unit owner or brand ambassador.

Such was the case with Pascual.

“You know, I’m very proud to be part of the Century family. I began endorsing Century in 2009. I remember traveling to Cebu for a shoot with Phoem Baranda for Acqua Private Residences. I also remember having a photo shoot with Ruffa Gutierrez for Azure Urban Resort Residences,” Pascual recalled.

“It was really meaningful to me because I got to be part of Century’s vision for Philippine real еstatе. I got to see firsthand their dreams for amazing architecture and design. I really appreciate being part of those early days; and for being part of the lives of many Filipinos both here and abroad,” he added.

Indeed, Pascual went beyond being an endorser to become a real homeowner that has so much faith in the product, that he now even has a number of units in the different developments of Century Properties.

“I’m not just an endorser. I’m an actual homeowner too. I own units in Gramercy and Acqua. I’m a real customer. And as a customer, I can say this: I’m very happy with my investments and the love and service that Century has shown me through the years,” Pascual concluded




Ave Mericia Palma knew from the start that the Azure was the perfect investment for her.

“I grew up in Naga City, in Pasacao, which is very near the beach so I really love the waters. In fact, it was in the beach where I said yes to my husband of 14 years. So when I saw Azure, I knew right there and then that it was the perfect investment for me and my husband,” Palma claimed.

Palma is a proud owner of a one-bedroom unit at the famed Azure Residences, the one endorsed and done in partnership with international celebrity Paris Hilton. It has a natural resort feel that makes for a calming yet stylish urban living.

Her unit is enrolled under Century Properties SIGLO Suites, an exclusive, specialty management and leasing service offered by the company to help owners manage and lease out their units to customers looking for short, medium, and long term rental spaces.

Initially, Palma and her husband were looking at other business opportunities.

“We thought of putting up a laundry shop, a water station, and even a grocery store. But the capital investment was so huge and its management somehow entails a different kind of expertise. So we did not push through with it. While we were on our way to Japan for a vacation, I saw a photo of Paris Hilton endorsing the Azure and just by the looks of it, I knew it was going to be a good investment. I immediately fell in love with the property,” Palma said.

The Azure’s relaxing, cozy vibe and its resort-like feel were what made Palma all the more interested in the property and thus, they pursued to acquire a unit, which is now generating additional income for them.

“At first, we thought we couldn’t afford Azure, but its zero percent interest offer for the first three years made it even more irresistible. We got the one-bedroom unit with a beach view, overlooking the amenity area. It’s like you’re close to nature,” Palma said.

“We are now having our unit leased out and it’s giving us good business. We are just happy and proud that we made the decision to invest in Azure. Leasing the unit is helping us pay not only for family expenses like tuition, but also for our monthly amortization,” Palma concluded.

SIGLO Suites are now available for booking in Gramercy Residences, Knightsbridge Residences and Milano Residences at Century City in Makati, as well as in Azure Urban Resort Residences.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer | December 31, 2016


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