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Five Reasons We Love Century City Mall

We list down the reasons to keep coming back to the Mall of Modern Makati.

Shopping is definitely one of our favorite activities—it’s therapeutic. So any news on product launches, new collections, sales and the like make our eyes light up and our ears extra attentive (yes, like a dog wagging its tail). So imagine our delight upon hearing the opening of a new mall in Makati. Century Properties, the people behind Azure Urban Resort Residences, Gramercy Residences, and more just opened a new shopping mecca that houses everything we love about retail therapy. Century City Mall boasts of a wide selection of clothing apparel, food and dining option, and fun activities that cater to every single member of the family.

Read on as we list down the reasons why we love this new mall they dub as the Mall of Modern Makati.

Source: Stylebible | March 25, 2014


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