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Fire Brigade Competition Held at Century City

To demonstrate its steadfast commitment to community safety as well as to underscore its dedication to resident welfare, Century City hosted the 22nd Century properties Management, Inc. Inter Property Fire Brigade Competition. The competition imparted essential skills in the correct use and management of fire safety personal protective gear and firefighting equipment, as well as nurtured competence an dteamwork in handling fire-related incidents and emergencies. A total of 29 property teams participated in the event, engaging in a range of activities dedicated to various scenarios, including High Rise Rescue Operations, the execution of Combination of Busted Hose and Up Ladder Operations, mastering the Rescue and Transfer Relay, honing skills in

Donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), while extinguishing flames, and demonstrating agility in the Bucket Relay Operation.


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The minimum schedule date is tomorrow.