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Enjoy the Perks of Living Near Your Workplace

What would you rather be doing with those 90 minutes spent in traffic every day?

Manila, Philippines—One of friendliest cities in the world. Most Social Media-Savvy City. One of the places with the worst traffic. Wait, what? Yes, let’s just admit it. Everyone—car owner or public utility commuter—can attest to that last remark. The average travel time to and from work is at least 45 minutes, even if the office is just five kilometers away or less (Hello, Makati to BGC and Pasig to Makati suburbanites!).

Commuters in developed countries with superb urban planning reportedly spend an average of 300 hours on the road each year, but Manilenos spend more than triple that amount of time because of poor infrastructure and lack of discipline. To be fair, our government has been making efforts to ease the traffic situation and appease wrathful straphangers who are this close to rage quitting life in the city, but, alas, progress seems like a long and winding road, a dead end even.

But it’s not hopeless. If you’re sick and tired of wasting precious time stuck in traffic, why not live near where you work? Despite the negative press, yes, being closer to your office can actually improve your quality of life. Imagine the many awesome things you could be doing instead of being stuck on the road! Here are some of the best perks of living near your workplace.

Building-Passion-BreakfastHave breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the occasional out-of-office get-together at home.

Kiss rushing out of the house without eating breakfast goodbye! That is, if you wake up on time. You can sit down and enjoy your coffee or whatever pure fuel you drink for energy at a leisurely pace (and stop yourself from buying those P150 cups that we all know eat up your budget). Come lunchtime, you can head back home and eat some leftovers, and, maybe, squeeze in a power nap before break’s over. For dinner, eating with your family will become a regular thing.

Building Passion BikeWalk or bike to the office.

Stoplights, rogue motorcyclists, and wayward pedestrians can make a short drive seem pretty long and stressful. If you live near your workplace, you can walk or bike to the office. You not only decrease your chances of road rage, but you’re also shrinking your carbon footprint. Sweaty much? What’s a few minutes of freshening up in the comfort room compared to sitting for hours stuck in traffic?


Meditate in the mornings and chill at night.

“Use the commute to get me-time,” they say. “Clear your head and make the most of out of it,” they say. Impossible! How can you reach Nirvana or concentrate on listening to the dialogue of Narcos when there’s a bus speed-switching into your lane? If you live near work, you have the luxury of time to relax and unwind given that your house is just a stone’s throw away from the office.

Building-Passion-WorkoutWork(out) towards your fitness goals.

Running and yoga have proven meditative benefits while improving the health of the rest of the body, making it a perfect way to start your day. Even just a 20-minute workout can boost your productivity and mood. You’ll be a happier worker in no time. After work hours, head back home right away to workout in your condo’s own gym. Why be a sitting duck in traffic when you can bench press, squat, and lift your way to your dream bod?

Stress less about being late.

No more multiple alarms. No more waking up with anxiety when you oversleep. No more forgetting this and that because you were rushing out the door. With the office nearby, you will have enough time to rest and explore new passions with all your free time!

Building Passion Less StressSee? Life’s a breeze if you live in close proximity to work. Investing in a space at good residential communities near central business districts such as Acqua Private Residences is a smart move to achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of. Acqua offers residents access to well-maintained green and blue spaces, which can improve one’s overall well-being. What’s more, its centralized location is just a bridge away from Makati. Having work-life balance while living in Manila isn’t a pipe dream. It’s all about weighing your options and being proactive about making your decision.

Here’s to your road to happiness!


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