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Is Your Condo Fireproof? This Checklist Could Very Well Save Your Home

The unfortunate thing about fires is that it can spread rather quickly, especially in cases where properties were not built to safeguard against such emergencies. They can happen anytime, anywhere. This is why it’s important to get to take the necessary precautionary measures to be on the safe side.

The good thing is there are many ways to ensure your home is well-protected against fire and for you to be prepared when it does happen. Here are a list of tips and reminders to get you started.

1 Make sure the entire property is compliant with the Fire Code of the Philippines

The Fire Code of the Philippines mandates properties to have a set of mechanical, electronic, and electrical systems in relation to fire protection and fire safety. The real estate property must have been issued a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate by the City or Municipal Fire Marshal.

Automatic sprinklers, firewalls, fire hose, and manual pull switches must be available in common areas. There should be fire extinguishers for every 200 square meters of open space. Clear, well-lit fire exits with signage must be accessible at all times and within a certain travel distance from units.

Similarly, each unit must be equipped with a smoke detector and sprinkler. High grade electrical wirings and panel boards must also be used.

2 Your developer must provide you with a proper briefing on fire safety, fire protection, and emergency preparedness

During turnover of the unit to homeowners, Century Properties provides an orientation on fire exits and fire hose cabinets as well as the available emergency exits on the same floor and throughout the property. They also give a copy of the House Rules and Regulations for your reference.

Regular fire drills and seminars are also held with the participation of homeowners to ensure they are constantly reminded of evacuation procedures.

3 Make fire prevention practices a habit

The most common causes of fire in condominiums include unattended charging or cooking, improper disposal of cigarette butts, faulty electrical wiring, and the overuse or misuse of equipment or appliances. Being a vigilant homeowner and avoiding these scenarios is the first and most important step to fire prevention in your home.

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Avoid overloading sockets by plugging in several appliances at the same time. This also applies when you use extension cords. Use a dedicated electrical outlet for big appliances like your fridge or your air conditioner. It is also not advisable to plug other appliances like microwave ovens in outlets intended for refrigerators, as these have designated amperes.

Avoid sub-par and counterfeit mobile phone chargers as well as these have been known to cause fires.

Keep an eye on burning candles and stow flammable materials away from kids’ reach. As much as possible, don’t smoke inside your home and use an ashtray to put out lit cigarettes.

Check your fire extinguishers’ expiration dates and replace them as needed. Schedule a regular sweep with an electrician to check if all electrical wiring and connections are in good condition. Going out of town or overseas? Turn off specific switches in the panel board so you can only leave important appliances running, like your fridge to keep your food fresh.

With the Fire Code in place and safety inspections being conducted, you can be assured that Century Properties’ condominiums are well fortified to protect against fire, and regular drills and briefings are in place to keep homeowners informed on how to be prepared. By cooperating with real estate developers and abiding by safety rules, the entire community can work together towards maintaining a fireproof property.

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