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Christmas Gifts to Help the People You Love Build Their Passion


Give these gifts that keep on giving.

If there’s one thing that will prove the past year has been crazy, it’s social media. Our Instagram feed has been full of picture posts from cousins, former classmates, and officemates who have amazingly transformed their bodies, done fascinating career changes, and traveled to bucket list-worthy destinations. Facebook, on the other hand, has also been full of announcements of engagements, weddings, and pregnancies. Over on Twitter, hugotone-liners have become less frequent and been replaced with feisty “first of all” comebacks. Yup, dare we say it, “you do you” has become the motto of Pinoys who are active on social media.

So this Christmas, why not base your gifts for your dearest friends and family on what they’ve been most passionate about online? Here’s a guide to kick-start your gift hunting.

For The One Who’s Determined to Shed Off Those Holiday Pounds:

Building Passion FitbitFitness Wearable

Count steps, track sleeping habits, and time your meditations each week. With a fitness wearable, there’s added motivation to best the last record your friend will have set for themselves. And you know what they say about getting fit: The best competition is the one with yourself!

Find the best wearable tech and fitness trackers at Digital Walker

For The Instagram Girlfriend or Boyfriend:

Phone Camera Lens Clips

Beat any photo app with these fisheye, macro, and wide lenses that you can clip onto your phone camera. Compatible with Android and iOS gadgets, these add-ons are lightweight so your friend can take these anywhere and whip them out anytime for that perfect shot.

Find the phone accessories and camera lenses at Digital Walker.

Building Passion LuggageFor The One Who Drops Everything to Travel When There’s a Seat Sale: Lightweight Luggage

There’s always that someone who’s always gung-ho to take a trip every chance they get. And no matter where they go, they bring back a little something for you. What’s the perfect gift for your generous traveller? Get them sturdy, lightweight luggage for their next adventure so they have more space to pack you something. Thoughtful, isn’t it?

Find high quality luggage and travel accessories at Victorinox and Samsonite.

For The Skincare Addict:

Face Masks

From green tea to caviar, the beauty experts in Korea have perfected extracting the richest essences from natural ingredients to achieve supple and radiant skin. Don’t hesitate to give guys some fun face masks, too! Believe us, they will love feeling the results and posing creative selfies with beauty face masks on!

Find a variety of Korean face masks and beauty products at The Face Shop.

Building Passion Childrens BookFor The Early Readers (Or Bedtime Storytellers):

Little Golden Book Collection

Kids these days really need to get away from their iPads, and what better way to do it than passing on the love for reading? Pick out classic stories from your childhood like The Three Little Pigs and add in the latest Disney story like Moana for some modern storytelling.

Find Little Golden Books and other children’s books at Fully Booked.

For The “I can fix it!” Go-to Person / DIY Specialist:

Building Passion LadderMulti-Purpose Aluminum Ladder

The person you can always count on to do simple home repairs needs a sturdy ladder so he or she can reach heights safely. Hanging Christmas lights on a tree or changing a lightbulb on the ceiling is no picnic when you’re standing on just a chair! For the hardcore home improvement buff, you can’t go wrong with power tools and cleaning supplies.

Find quality home care tools and materials at True Value.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to get your shopping done ASAP, visit Century City Mall for a fuss-free experience. The mall is pet-friendly, too, so you can bring your beloved furpals!



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