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Century offers unique property investment

Century Acqua Lifestyle Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Century Limitless Corp., has launched the Century Fractional Ownership Program, an investment opportunity whose attraction lies in its ability to maximize the growth opportunities in the hospitality industry, provide branded hotel stays.

The first investment concept of its kind in the Philippines, Century Fractional Ownership Program is ideal for those who would like to enjoy short period hotel vacations in the Philippines and at the same time enjoy annual investment returns.

The program allows the purchase of preferred shares of Century Acqua Lifestyle Corp., which owns 152 hotel units at Novotel Suites Manila.

Preferred shareholders are entitled to four weeks of stay in the hotel, access to multiple vacation destinations worldwide through an international travel exchange program, hassle-free property management and a share in the net room rental revenue at the rate of 40% for all the 152 rooms.

“Through Novotel Suites Manila, we are introducing to the country the concept of fractional ownership for a hotel real еstatе property. This gives the subscribers of the preferred shares a number of usage nights in the hotel in a year with the remainder of the fractional being leased out. Owners will then be able to enjoy the benefit of a financial return on the lease,” said Century Acqua Lifestyle.

This fractional ownership model is different from a timeshare scheme, which comes without ownership and is limited to the usage rights of the property.

Another exciting benefit is that shareholders will get a one-year Gold Membership at Interval International, an independently-operated exchange company based in Miami, Florida, which allows for hotel stay exchanges at more than 3,000 affiliated properties in different parts of the world.

Preferred shareholders will also enjoy an ACCOR Plus membership. Under this program and subject to membership terms and conditions, a shareholder will enjoy exclusive accommodation and dining benefits at over 500 AccorHotels and Resorts throughout the Asia Pacific region. Participating countries include China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

Additional benefits include discounts and dining privileges at Novotel Suites Manila, the use of hotel amenities such as the gym and pool; access to hotel services upon request (such as room service, pre-order breakfast service, housekeeping, engineering and transportation); as well as hotel signing privileges.

The Century Fractional Ownership Program is offered at very attractive terms. Preferred shareholders can pay off 80 percent of the total purchase price over 52 months after a two-month deposit, interest-free, and settle the remaining 20 percent upon turnover.

“This program is designed for those who want to personally enjoy and at the same earn from their investment. This is ideal for foreign nationals who enjoy vacationing in the Philippines, as well as Filipinos who are based or working overseas and come home each year. It’s similar to having a home away from home,” the company said.

Source: Malaya | October 13, 2016


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