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Your Annual Health Checkup Checklist

Health is wealth—really!

In living a fast-paced metropolitan life, the one thing that most people take for granted is their health. Before your back starts to ache and your bones begin to crick (Please, don’t wait for these to happen.), prioritize a regular visit to your doctor like the following appointments and tests below. If you’re looking for medical professionals you can trust, Centuria Medical Makati has got you covered with their roster of good clinics!

Eye Care

Having poor eyesight isn’t the only major eye problem you have to worry about. Cataract, stye, myopia, astigmatism, pink eye, black eye, are some of the other serious eye problems that you should watch out for. Going to regular checkups with an optometrist can help you optimize your eye health. Visit the Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute for comprehensive eye examinations where cutting-edge technology is used.

Building-Passion-DentalDental Care

You do know that you need to visit your dentist at least once a year, right? If not, consider yourself informed. Getting your teeth and gums checked and professionally cleaned annually lessens your chances of developing oral hygiene problems like toothaches, gingivitis, and bad breath. The Global Elite Dental Clinic at Centuria offers not just your run-of-the-mill prophylaxis, but also customized hygiene plans that will keep your pearly whites squeaky clean.


The largest organ in your body, your skin, needs as much TLC as you can give it because it not only protects your organs inside but also keeps you looking human and pleasing. Man or woman, get a facial from time to time, or have those itchy warts removed at the Clarence Anti-aging, Slimming, and Dermatology Center. You’re not vain. You’re nurturing one of the hardest-working parts of yourself!

Breast Exam

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide? Getting a battery of tests yearly, especially as you age, can help detect a problem early on and give you peace of mind. Give the Asian Breast Center a call and schedule a consultation and a screening session.

Building Passion Blood TestBlood Tests

Blood tests aren’t just for older people. Everyone should have their blood pressure, sugar, and blood-related concerns checked every year. Blood tests basically give a report on the state of almost all of your organs and even give you a heads up if you’re at risk for heart diseases. At the Advanced Lab Solutions, the medical staff is highly qualified and have excellent bedside manners. Get the habit started!

Building-Passion-Annual-PhysicalOverall Annual Physical Exam

You’ll need to file a whole-day leave from work so you can finish an extensive physical exam. Get assessed from head to toe and know what’s going on in that body of yours at The Executive Screening Center at Centuria Medical Makati. Personalized tests and customized packages will ensure that you’ll get the care that you need in an environment that allows you to de-stress and relax. And when you need to stay longer for a more comprehensive checkup, you can also opt to check in at the Executive Guest Suites and turn a routine check up into a relaxing staycation.

Building Passion XRayBecoming successful in all aspects—life, love, career—requires you to be physically and mentally healthy. Put a premium on your wellness to achieve all of those so you can live out your passions. Time for a checkup!

Centuria Medical Makati, the Philippines’ first medical mall, is located at the back of Century City Mall in Century City, Makati. Major HMOs are accepted. Email or call 09176106267 for more information.


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