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A Community of Healthy Pursuits

Condominium living these days is no longer limited to the four walls of one’s unit. A community development is master-planned well if the experience extends outdoors and promotes a healthy and holistic lifestyle to its residents.

This was the top priority of Century Properties Group Inc. in designing the masterplan of the Residences at Commonwealth by Century, its 2.4-hectare, eight-tower residential community rising in Quezon City.
“It’s no secret that health starts at home,” said Marco Antonio, Century Properties co-chief operating officer and Commonwealth project head. “That is why our responsibility goes beyond building four walls of living space, and extends to creating venues that harness the optimum potential of its dwellers — from babies to toddlers, children in their pre-teens, teenagers to adults.
Integrated within the community’s masterplan are spaces that promote personal skills development, social interaction, fitness and relaxation. The core themes of these areas are the Nurturing, the Playful, the Artistic, the Leisurely, the Vocational and the Energetic.

The Nurturing
Babies and tots from eight months to three years old can play with educational toys, have comfortable afternoon naps and spend playdates with mommy at The Creche, which fosters every infant’s discovery of the world through his or her first experience of sight, sound and touch.
As toddlers are beginning to develop their social skills and actively interact with others around them, parents would be happy that Commonwealth by Century has The Kindergarten, a room filled with educational instruments and gadgets for learning and a venue that provides the opportunity to interact with other kids in the community.
Children seven years old and above can go to the Advanced Learning Center and take up Spanish, French, Mandarin or other language classes; read a wealth of children’s book collections, or familiarize themselves with computer basics complete will high-speed Internet.

The Playful
At Commonwealth by Century, kids are encouraged to spend more play time outdoors, especially at the beautiful Orchard — a modern tree house complex that takes the shape of three apple structures filled with a fun web of ropes for climbing, a mini-observatory for stargazing and a spiral ladder with fun facts.
After an active afternoon, the little ones can cool off at the adjacent water garden, with water features that are both interactive and fun.

The Leisurely
Moms and dads are just as important as the kids of course, and places of leisure provide the ideal retreat where they can relax, reinvigorate and reenergize their way back to health. Replete with Zen areas and nature parks, Commonwealth by Century provides moms with a place where they can finally catch up on their favorite read. Dads can enjoy a soothing walk around the gardens. To find that much needed balance and self-meditation, a contemplation garden also serves as a spacious yoga and Pilates deck.
For family bonding time or catching up with friends, residents have the privilege of viewing missed movies or their all-time favorites at the Screening Room, a surround-sound cinema with stylish interiors and comfortable seating.

The Energetic
Teens and adults can burn the extra energy or stay in shape through active recreational spaces for the energetic. Play weekend badminton with buddies at not one but two sunken Badminton Courts, or engage in a healthy game of one-on-one and three-point shootouts at the Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Courts.
The fully-equipped Fitness Center for all health aficionados with a gym, salon and spa services is also provided to lose unwanted weight and tone the body to its peak physical condition.
A unique addition is the Athletic Bootcamp, an outdoor space for back-to-basics workout. Fitness bootcamps are all the rage these days as it maximizes the use of the environment for an effective cardio and strength training workout, which that boosts one’s energy and increases fitness level.
“Commonwealth by Century was designed to have hardworking, exclusive amenities that will save homeowners the extra expense of enrolling in sports clubs or gym memberships,” Antonio said.

The Artistic and the Vocational
Acquiring new skills and trying new experiences are the keys to self-discovery. Hence, spaces that promote culinary skills and artistic pursuits were created to set the stage for the next Wolfgang Puck, Leonardo da Vinci, Amadeus Mozart or Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.
The Cooking Studio and Kitchen is equipped with modern culinary equipment, and can serve as venues for cooking showdowns and culinary lessons for aspiring chefs in the community.
The Arts and Crafts Studio enhances every child’s passion for the visual arts, while a dance studio unleashes his or her inner artiste. The School of Rock lets the young ones learn how to play various instruments and harness their musical talents.
In designing these truly nurturing and inspiring spaces, Antonio had this to say: “It’s not just about having amenities; it’s about what you can do with the amenities.
“Our objective is to create the venue of possibility each resident, no matter what age and what interest, so that they can become the best of what they wish to be: healthy, happy and holistic.”

For information on Commonwealth by Century, call 818-9041 or 0917-5555274 or visit

Source: The Daily Tribune | March 12, 2013


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