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Why moving to The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is the way to go

Moving towards the city fringes or out towards the suburbs has become a preference for many Filipinos in the past decade. But with the challenges that the world faced in recent years, this desire to locate out of the center of city living has grown even stronger.

This diaspora has brought forth more choices for living and has motivated both the government and the private sector to make the environment in these areas even more attractive—more roads have been built and more essential establishments have been developed. Thus, to those looking for a home, moving to these areas also bring a host of practical benefits and conveniences which make for better living spaces, breaking free, and helping them find new ground.  

Up north, Century Properties offers these very advantages with The Residences at Commonwealth, an 8-tower residential condominium community along Don Antonio Drive in Quezon City. Here, mobility, convenience, opportunity, safety, and more converge in an environment that’s perfect for individuals or families to take advantage of.

The Quezon South Tower Lobby

The community is conveniently located near life’s necessities. The nearest mall is only three minutes away while the nearest church and hospital are both seven minutes away. Once the MRT Line 7 is completed, the Don Antonio Station will only be a five-minute walk from the property. Hospitals nearby include Diliman Doctor’s Hospital, New Era General Hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, National Kidney Institute, or the Philippine Heart Center.

The Residences at Commonwealth by Century Map

Add these to the developer’s expertise and experience in creating an enhanced way of life with beautifully and purposefully-designed homes—and the completion of its 8th and final tower, the Quezon South, these spaces that deliver better living conditions are certainly within reach.

At The Residences at Commonwealth, space is a luxury that’s available to all. There is an abundance of it here–more than anyone could have imagined they would find in a vertical residential community.

In the middle of the entire development is a vast lawn that transports residents to another world. More than a welcome sight in the middle of the city, it can help tune out the hustle and bustle outside and bring residents the Zen they deserve.

In most units are balconies that offer an extension of the living spaces. With a little creativity, unit owners can turn these balconies into an area for relaxation, exercise, or even dining with the family.

A balcony at The Residences at Commonwealth by Century

Individuals or young families who envision an independent life will find it at The Residences at Commonwealth by Century. Here, each unit is ready for move-in. Turned over with quality finishes and inclusions like a range hood, a cooktop, and laminated cabinets, all they need to do is personalize and make it their own. 

The Suite or the property’s studio unit offers enough room for a home workspace and a sleeping area while its balcony can give them a unique al fresco dining experience. Meanwhile, those who need more space would find a one-bedroom unit just right.

Starting a family? A two-bedroom unit is suitable for a small or young family that is eager to mark more milestones in their own home. The parents can give their child or children the luxury of having their own room.  

Aside from offering flexible units with usable balconies, The Residences Commonwealth by Century also takes pride in its family-friendly amenities that complement just about any passion – whether it’s cooking, making music, dabbling in arts, or staying active.

The Basketball Court at The Residences at Commonwealth by Century

So why wait? Learn more and talk to our property specialist today by visiting Experience an upgraded lifestyle at The Residences at Commonwealth, where convenience and ease blend seamlessly to offer you a life of comfort – beyond the city center. 


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