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What Makes a Century Properties Condo Unit Worth It?



It’s the million-dollar question many homebuyers ask – is buying a condo unit worth it? Some say yes, others might still be on the fence. If you’re leaning toward investing in a home of your own and living in a condo unit, keep in mind that there are factors you need to look into. From the location and price, to the amenities and security it offers, you need to make sure that it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Ease your doubts and pick the right property by making sure it meets your checklist. Century Properties makes sure you get your money’s worth by meeting the requirements below:

Welcoming community

Come home to a secure community where you can feel at ease the moment you set foot in the property. It will be extra rewarding if the residential development you’re eyeing offers open spaces, serene views, and pocket areas where you can spend quiet time, bond with the family, or even catch up with neighbors.

To add to these pros, Century Properties also takes pride in its capable security teams that make sure the property is a safe place to live in.

Optimum amenities

Aside from having swimming pools, a gym, and a basketball court, some properties feature areas for recreation that allow you to discover a new hobby or rekindle your love for an old pastime. Think having access to an arts & crafts room, a rock & roll studio, and in some developments, a game room, too!


Reasonable payment terms

Contrary to popular belief, condo living will not cause you to lose your savings. An able sales agent or a property specialist can guide you through the process of owning your home – and even happily discuss payment terms that work within your budget. There are flexible payment terms you can avail of so you can afford your home and still have enough money for other expenses.

Top-notch location

By top-notch meaning – you don’t have to worry about transportation options, convenience, and accessibility. A strategically located residential development brings you closer to life’s essentials, schools, hospitals, and just about everything you need on the daily.

Home to personalize

Who says condo units are just boxes with windows? Century Properties offers condo units that are flexible enough to be transformed according to your mood board. Depending on your lifestyle or if you have a family to think about, you can choose a unit that suits your needs and be able to make it into the home of your dreams. It’s a bonus if you have a balcony that you can utilize as well.

Proper space planning and taking into account the needs of each family member can help you create a functional home that’s also Instagram-worthy.


You can thrive here

A place where you’re part of a community, a space for your hobbies, and a home you can call your own – living in a condo is definitely worth it. Make it even better by choosing a trustworthy developer like Century Properties. Each Century Properties residential development ticks all these boxes and more – making sure the needs of its homeowners are well-taken-care-of.

The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is ideal for those who want to stay in the city and keep life’s essentials within reach. The property has open spaces, family-friendly amenities, and spacious condo units. Whether you’re a young professional eager to own your first home or a small family longing for a fresh start, Commonwealth by Century is a property worth investing in.

If you’re considering moving outside Metro Manila, The Resort Residences at Azure North offers a resort-inspired lifestyle and other features that Century Properties is known for – a convenient location that’s near the San Fernando exit of the North Luzon Expressway, luxurious amenities, and high-quality condo units that you can easily make yours.

A Century Properties condo unit is worth it. #OwnYourCenturyHomeToday and log on to to kickstart your homebuying journey.


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