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The Residences at Commonwealth Construction Update (1st Quarter 2015)

Osmena West prepares turnover 

The Residences at Commonwealth by Century’s first building, Osmena West, is targeted to start turnover in the first quarter of 2015.

The second building, Quezon North, is undergoing structural works such as wall partitioning. Other structural activities in Quezon North including the installation of shear walls, slabs and parapet are finished.

Structural activities such as the construction of shear walls, slabs and parapet continue for both Osmena East and Roxas East.

Meanwhile, the laying of structural foundation for Quirino East has begun.

Commonwealth by Century is located in Don Antonio Drive (Amsterdam Avenue), Commonwealth, Quezon City. It is Century Properties’ first development in Quezon City with eight residential towers, the Commonwealth Clubhouse with special facilities that nurture the interests and passions of the different members of the family, and outdoor spaces that provide opportunities for a holistic, active and healthy lifestyle experiences for residents.

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